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What Is so Important About Your Title?

Reading through a paper or magazine, or even scanning for information online; which articles do you choose to read? The ones that have interesting titles are usually the answer. Something that is able to catch your attention and show you that it is something that you will be interested in. It is no different from your literature review title.

If you want to ensure that your paper gets read by those that will be interested in what you have to say then you have to know how to come up with a good title. A poorly titled review may be skipped over by those looking for the information that you have uncovered purely because your title fails to concisely tell the potential reader what is covered. Your title is often the most important part of your writing if you want to attract attention to your work.

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But coming up with that attention-grabbing and perfectly descriptive title that you can deliver on is not always an easy task. Just like to cope with a lit review outline example. Many will just make do with the first thing that comes to mind and often this is not always the best title that you can use. A title generator, however, is one way that you can use to generate your title in a way that is quick and easy.

How to Title a Literature Review Using a Title Generator

Title generators are surprisingly easy to use and also very quick. They also come in a wide range of different complexities depending on the sort of help that you need. Typically you will be asked to provide the title generator with a keyword for it to generate titles around. It may also ask you for things such as the style of writing and the subject area so that it can generate more appropriate titles for your work. The tool will then generate many different titles that you could write around.

Generally, however, you will need to review the many suggestions that it makes and then select the most appropriate for your review. Even if it does not generate the best title for your work it will often provide you with the inspiration that you need to develop a more suitable title for your writing. Check out also why use NVivo for your literature review?

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How to Title a Literature Review

One way to get ideas is to look at literature review title examples that are generated through tools or to simply look at what others have already written within your field for additional inspiration. Often seeing what others have done and what grabs your attention will give you many ideas as to what you should do on your own.

Your title needs to be developed so that it:

  • Clearly, shows the subject of the review that you have conducted
  • Indicates the scope of what you have covered
  • Shows how the paper is organized
  • Identifies variables that are key to your study
  • Will suggest any relationships between those variables and the hypothesis behind your review

The title should:

  • Contain language and nomenclature that is current and relevant to the field
  • Use words that will generate the interest of the reader and provide a positive impression
  • Not contain any redundant wording such as “A study of…”
  • Does not exceed more than 10 to 15 substantive words
  • Overly lengthy titles generally will include many unnecessary words that can be eliminated: see also what a literature review length should be.

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Titles that are too short may be too broad and fail to provide sufficient information about what the study is about:

  • If a quote is used then use a citation; this is usually put within a footnote
  • Proper grammar and spelling rules should always be applied
  • Use correct capitalization within your title
  • Avoid the use of an exclamation mark at the end of your title

When you have completed your title you should ask yourself if you would be tempted to read it based only on the title if you were looking for information in that area. If you are then you have more than likely come up with the right title for your work. Observe also some useful tips for writing a literature review here.

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