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nursing literature review sample
Nursing literature
review sample
Subject:Health Sciences & Nursing
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$11.3 per page
finance literature review example
Financing literature
review example
Subject:Finance & Accounting
from just
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education literature review example
Education sample
literature review
from just
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business literature review example
Business literature
review example
Subject:Business & Management
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nursing literature review example
Nursing literature review
Subject:Health Sciences & Nursing
from just
$11.3 per page
sample of literature review in english literature
Sample of literature
review in English literature
Subject:English, Literature & Philology
from just
$11.3 per page
psychology literature review outline example
Psychology literature
review outline example
from just
$11.3 per page
political science literature review example
Political science literature
review example
Subject:Social & Political Science
from just
$11.3 per page
sociology literature review outline example
Sociology literature
review outline example
from just
$11.3 per page
dissertation literature review outline example
Dissertation literature
review outline example
from just
$18.04 per page
sample of a literature review on education
Sample of a literature
review on education
from just
$11.3 per page
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Find Your Best Literature Review Sample Made by Our Experts

Do you struggle with writing a literature review? Are you looking for inspiration or sources of good literature to use in research? You are at the right place, where you can get quality referencing materials and the help of qualified academic writers.

We really want you only to inspire with the best. Our experts don’t compromise the quality of writing a new customer’s paper and creating a new sample. This way you can rest assured that you will get premium quality and use each sample paper literature review with confidence.

Let’s Figure Out What Is a Literature Review Sample

A sample is a paper designed for reference purposes to enhance understanding of this assignment. It can be someone’s finished work or a specially created piece. Such a paper should give you as many insights on writing as possible and visualize the guidelines you have.

The main difference between good and bad samples is that a good one gives maximum insights with minimum confusion. E.g., if you use it to understand the structure, you should clearly distinguish the main structural parts of the example. If a paper leaves more questions than answers, using this will be a wrong decision. A good literature review paper sample, in turn, is clearly structured, well-reasoned, and free of errors.

Every sample our experts create meets all these requirements and more. By exploring each one, you may gain insights into professionals’ work and competencies in creating top-notch papers. Because we cover over 50 academic disciplines, we’ve tried to reveal different aspects of expert literature analysis writing in our samples. Nursing and healthcare, business, finance and accounting, sociology, politics, and education are just a few subjects for which we have paper examples. Feel free to browse our service offers; you can easily find one that matches your needs.

Reasons to Choose Our Sample of a Literature Review

There are too many various guides and referencing materials on the web. But are they all reliable and suitable for use? Random papers may be of poor quality, have unclear content, and come from unreliable sources. This is not to mention that an example may not match your topic, the approach required, or the formatting. Now imagine the reaction of your supervisor to whom you send a paper based on this.

After hearing many similar stories, we decided to create our own samples, which can provide you with tangible support. Want more reasons for what makes our sample literature review paper different?

  • Each sample is made by a subject expert who understands the problem’s intricacies and current gaps in research.
  • When creating samples, only verified sources from peer-reviewed databases were used.
  • All formatting was done with strict adherence to style guidelines.
  • Before publication, our proofreaders reviewed and polished each copy multiple times.

So you can have confidence in any of the samples from In addition, we have collected here the most relevant works of our current writers.

How to Use a Sample Literature Review

There will be no step-by-step guidance, as everyone seeks something special. While some are simply interested in what their paper should look like, others want clear answers to questions like:

  • What should the structure be?
  • What sources to use?
  • What to look for when analyzing sources?
  • How do I take notes?
  • How to format a paper?

Therefore, let’s look at just some of the use cases based on an understanding of what is a literature review sample.

  1. 1. First and foremost, look at structure.
    Papers rated A and D contain the standard introduction, body, and conclusion. But what is the difference? Notice how a good example works with the topic background, reasons for the study, and thesis statement at the beginning and end. The main body deserves special attention, which not only lists sources but also contains:

    • A thorough analysis based on specific criteria.
    • Common/different features, themes, patterns, and gaps.
    • Clear arguments supported by strong evidence.
    • The problem which is examined from different angles.
    • Overview of primary and secondary sources.

    If you seek structure insights, we highly recommend you download several examples to evaluate the difference. For example, one on nursing differs a lot from a business paper. Different data collection, analysis, and synthesis methods may significantly affect information presence. That’s why we’ve picked up the most authentic works as examples and continuously monitor the proper assigning process. By choosing a topic-relevant writer, we ensure your own literature analysis will be done strictly with the subject’s features and requirements.

  2. 2. Style, tone, flow

    Academic papers are written in a formal style and require correct use of terminology and presentation of material. If you have any doubts or questions about them, a sample of a literature review can help. Pay attention to how the author communicates their ideas, in what words, and in what sequence. The standard formula is “1 paragraph – 1 statement with evidence and conclusion,” but this may vary depending on the topic. Plus, the example helps you to delve into details of concepts like methods and the approach to lit analysis.

    The best example to support this statement is our sample on financing (20 pages). There, our writer offers an analysis of financing inclusive education. They cover all major aspects comprehensively and keep a straightforward narrative and smooth flow. Writing experts clearly sets the main study objectives, research design, and findings. They also actively use tables to support text statements and provide a solid referencing list. Would you like to get something on your topic? We will be glad to help you with this!

  3. 3. Pay attention to analysis methods and research trends

    There are different types of data and ways to work with them. This may be obvious and written down in the rubric. However, you may also be required to “analyze sources using default methods and tools.” A suitable example can help with this, as well as with finding solutions for atypical cases. Plus, you can learn a lot about working with sources.

    Another advantage of our writers is their ability to stay abreast of trends and use the latest research. The best proof is an example of a literary analysis on an education topic (11 pages). Its author skillfully combines recent and older research to provide a more holistic view of the topic. In addition, they are not limited to sampling one population but consider the problem across different generations and educational approaches. This working method is ideal for dissertation, thesis, or capstone research. By the way, we can help you with your literature analysis within any of these projects.

Some Essentials to Consider When Using Sample of Literature Review

  • Avoid plagiarismUnderstanding these aspects is important, whether it is a structured template or a full-size paper. Using any paper taken from the internet is plagiarism. This is why we manually create each sample from scratch for reference purposes only. These are not papers for real clients but examples of typical daily tasks that our writers perform.
  • Be careful when tailoring to your requirements

    Many recommend always double-checking the requirements and “being inspired by the example, but tailoring it to your task.” That sounds reasonable, especially the advice about instructions. However, what should students do when they face such a task for the first time and even have no idea what to do?

    You are definitely lucky if the example topic is similar to yours, and you can use the same ideas, sources, and methods. However, in any other case, advice with “adapt to demand” may be false. In most cases, creating a paper from scratch is much easier and more efficient than trying to customize ready-made content.

  • Use it only as a theoretical basis

    The next aspect is also important, but it does not convey a warning but good advice. You can’t copy-paste information from a reference paper but can use ideas from it. Literature analysis, especially for a research project, aims to create a justified theoretical framework. So you can safely:

    • Take the current sources used.
    • Familiarize yourself with previous research on this topic.
    • Adopt the proposed concepts.
    • Operate with conclusions and findings.
    • Refine the author’s ideas.
    • Imitate narratives and style.

    Therefore, with a sample literature review for research paper at hand, you already have a theoretical basis for your work. This saves a lot of time for you and your writing assistant.

Still Need Help With Your Paper? Entrust It to Our Experts!

Samples are an excellent way to understand a task’s specifics and how to work with requirements. However, this does not guarantee that your paper will be the same quality because it takes time and effort. In turn, the author of the chosen literature review sample paper can help much more and faster.

As a specialized literature review writing service, we are well aware of the work’s importance, complexity, and scale. Our experts know well how a systematic overview differs from a meta-analysis and a thematic approach from a methodological one. By studying examples, you will also become familiar with our writers’ capabilities and unique styles. The writer you choose can also help with your individual case. Just imagine that perfectly polished sample you liked can turn into your own work. It will be made strictly according to your instructions and unique topic. Don’t hesitate to ask for support as soon as needed. Moreover, we are available 24/7 online and can help with assignments of any complexity on any topic!