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    psychology literature review example

    Psychology Literature Review Outline Example

    Type of document: Lit review outline

    Academic level: Master

    Pages: 4

    Subject: Psychology

    (PDF, 7.0 MB)

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    political science literature review sample

    Political Science Literature Review Example

    Type of document: Literature review

    Academic level: College

    Pages: 6

    Subject: Political science

    (PDF, 10.3 MB)

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    literature review sociology example

    Sociology Literature Review Outline Example

    Type of document: Lit review outline

    Academic level: Ph.D

    Pages: 3

    Subject: Sociology

    (PDF, 5.4 MB)

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    dissertation literature review example

    Dissertation Literature Review Outline Example

    Type of document: Lit review outline

    Academic level: Ph.D

    Pages: 3

    Subject: Criminology

    (PDF, 5.1 MB)

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    literature review example education

    Education Literature Review Example

    Type of document: Literature review

    Academic level: College

    Pages: 6

    Subject: Education

    (PDF, 9.9 MB)

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What Every Our Literature Review Example Consists of

Check the structure of the literature review sample that you may refer to

literature review sample

Contains a strong hook and yet is short

  • Offers an outline of the subject
  • States the reason for the topic to be significant to the reader
  • Includes a distinguishable thesis
  • Sums up the major parts of the review
  • Illustrates the importance of your analysis
  • Reiterates your thesis and shows how it’s expounded on in the paper
literature review sample

Presents a lit analysis addressing common/uncommon features and contradictions

First primary opinion/assertion

  • One argument supported by a proof
  • Another argument supported by a proof

Second primary opinion/assertion

Third primary opinion/assertion

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Get Inspired With a Well-Written Example of Literature Review

Preparing a literature review may become challenging due to numerous obligations and obstacles. Sometimes individuals must meet them adequately, understand the difficulties and determine their main priorities, deciding what to examine and how to start writing. A ready-made example of literature review helps to know how to get started properly without straggling with irrelevant information and searching through tons of unnecessary materials.

The single thing challenges using a literature review sample is trusting the author. Sometimes, students hesitate whether to trust authors or not. But there’s no need to worry about the quality of the writing if you get inspired by the examples presented here. Our team consists of the best experts with tremendous academic writing experience. Holding degrees in more than 50 subjects, they know how to create masterpieces. You can use their samples to improve your literature review or order a custom one.

literature review examples mla    literature review example apa

How Good Example of Literature Review Can Help

An example of a literature review clarifies some points about this kind of writing and gives more information about how to handle it. Although having articles with tips and recommendations is good, the presence of an accurate sample is much better. It allows one to see all structural, formatting & content features. There are also several extra points that may be clarified with the literature review examples.

Pro-made examples also help collect relevant information on the chosen topic and prepare individuals to conduct their own original research. E.g., once a person sees how the literature review example is created, where their creators put accents, and how the information is separated between the paragraphs, it’s easier to examine the appropriate ideas and use similar concepts in your own writing.
abstract literature review example

Top Examples of Literature Review – Points That Worth Attention

A literature review format example is not only a template for future writing. The carefully examined examples can be like a treasure with multiple tips. These hacks help you understand how to prepare your literature research correctly, avoiding numerous common mistakes. Below are some of the core suggestions.

Focus on the Specific Topic if the Restrictions Say So

Going too far from the selected topic makes the sample literature review unclear and causes losing the logical sequence. Once the issue is clarified, sticking to it without giving any unnecessary information is essential.

Outline Vital Research Trends

With an understanding of the methods and features researchers use in an example literature review while performing the analysis, it’s much easier to do the same things personally. Some default research instruments may not work, so searching for trends is a great option. Moreover, outlining allows you to learn specific things about your chosen sources.

Stick to the Strict Structure

An example literature review shows three main parts of the writing – introduction, body part, and conclusion. Keeping the logical sequence is very important, so having a good writing example will be a serious advantage.

Extended literature review examples also have separate abstracts. It’s needed to give potential readers an overview of the writing content, helping to decide whether their research determines it. Usually, it’s unnecessary, but if an abstract is mentioned in the requirements, consider adding it to the working plan.

Identify the Need for Current and Future Research

When the paper is completed, it’s easier to articulate a conclusion and say whether the topic needs to be analyzed better. However, if there are some points that need clarification or are missing from the overall context, they should be mentioned. Moreover, there should be an accent put on them. Those who will read this example of literature review will understand in which way they should move to continue investigating the topic. It’s basically a hint for the following researchers.

Keep Up-To-Date, but Also Mention the Older Studies

Good literature review examples need to provide awareness not only of the overall direction and achievements but the latest studies as well. However, it’s also essential to remember examples of older studies and keep the balance between them and the newer research. Plenty of information mentioned years ago remains relevant, so it’s better not to miss it.

Analyzing the Structure of the Sample Literature Review

When looking at the literature review examples, paying attention to their structure is also essential. With a few paragraphs divided up with subheadings, the writing gets higher readability as people can find the needed information in the chosen sections. Most examples of literature review commonly contain three main parts – introduction, body, and conclusion.


The introduction of the literature review example cannot always be written the same way, but some key points should be considered. Below are the general guidelines on which this part is usually based.

  • Relevant background information, explanation of main definitions, and concepts.
  • Relevant information about the reviewed topic and explaining why this topic is important.
  • Showing the scope of the review of literature example. In simple words, what key points will be added to the body part?
  • Explaining the purpose of your research to the reader. Why did you choose these sources? What do you think about the information provided?

Main Body

The body of the review of literature sample should be built logically and coherently. The proper sequence allows moving from one question to another, avoiding chaos in writing. E.g., a body part in the standard literature review samples often is organized chronologically, moving from the older findings to the newest research. Literature sources may also be grouped based on similar arguments or conclusions.


The conclusion should provide the research questions that have been answered and how the research aim has been achieved. After that, there is an option to highlight the key points and give recommendations for future studies or research. It’s essential to avoid adding new information and citations to this part – pay attention to it when exploring a sample literature review paper.

What About Personal Opinion?

Adding your own reflection to the literature review example wouldn’t be a mistake. When you’ve answered the main questions and achieved the set goals, sharing your thoughts is a wise solution, especially if you disagree with something and need to support any points of view. If this is not going beyond the requirements of writing a sample of literature review, why not?

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