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    psychology literature review example

    Psychology Literature Review Outline Example

    Type of document: Lit review outline

    Academic level: Master

    Pages: 4

    Subject: Psychology

    (PDF, 7.0 MB)

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    political science literature review sample

    Political Science Literature Review Example

    Type of document: Literature review

    Academic level: College

    Pages: 6

    Subject: Political science

    (PDF, 10.3 MB)

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    literature review sociology example

    Sociology Literature Review Outline Example

    Type of document: Lit review outline

    Academic level: Ph.D

    Pages: 3

    Subject: Sociology

    (PDF, 5.4 MB)

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    dissertation literature review example

    Dissertation Literature Review Outline Example

    Type of document: Lit review outline

    Academic level: Ph.D

    Pages: 3

    Subject: Criminology

    (PDF, 5.1 MB)

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    literature review example education

    Education Literature Review Example

    Type of document: Literature review

    Academic level: College

    Pages: 6

    Subject: Education

    (PDF, 9.9 MB)

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Sample structure

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literature review sample

Contains a strong hook and yet is short

  • Offers an outline of the subject
  • States the reason for the topic to be significant to the reader
  • Includes a distinguishable thesis
  • Sums up the major parts of the review
  • Illustrates the importance of your analysis
  • Reiterates your thesis and shows how it’s expounded on in the paper
literature review sample

Presents a lit analysis addressing common/uncommon features and contradictions

First primary opinion/assertion

  • One argument supported by a proof
  • Another argument supported by a proof

Second primary opinion/assertion

Third primary opinion/assertion


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It’s an Ideal Literature Review Sample That Turns Your Writing Right

Writing literary evaluations entails a variety of obligations and obstacles that must be met properly, and the primary issue that many individuals have is determining how to begin and what to examine about the literature that you’re studying. When you have literature review samples, you can see and learn what you need to accomplish. It saves you from having to go through a big list of criteria and example tasks to complete and instead allows you to see what you need to do examples easily.

The trouble with employing a literature review example is that you are putting your trust in the review author that it is of the highest quality, which isn’t always easy to be sure of if you haven’t dealt with any literary review previously. As a result, you get some literature review support with samples.

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That’s How a Sample Literature Review Helps

All of our samples are painstakingly written and revised to ensure the review quality, and each of our experienced writers has considerable experience and understanding of help with forming an example of a literature review. When it comes to learning how to complete an example of your literature review quickly, you can use our website for all the examples of any review you require.
You must assess the literature for the review in order for your sample to display excellent critical analysis. Ask yourself the following review questions for each sample source you are reviewing:

  • What are the important concepts and terms?
  • How pertinent is this article to my particular topic?
  • What are the most significant linkages, trends, and patterns?
  • How did the author organize the arguments?
  • How authoritative and trustworthy is this source?
  • What are the sources’ differences and similarities?
  • Are there any holes in the literature that need to be filled?

Before submitting the literature review format example, check for any problems such as grammar, typing, and spelling because this factor directly influences the success of your sample review.
abstract literature review example

Read Examples of Literature Review Made by Taking All the Steps

There are some helpful hints for doing an example of literature review for your research paper:

  • Know the prerequisites related to examples of literature review for your sample
  • Make sure you comprehend the example directions that are required by your tutor
  • If the restrictions confine you to a specific sample topic, make sure you just focus on that
  • Mark your example, including a list of your personal thoughts and feelings regarding the topic
  • Maintain objectivity – make sure your example ideas are true and do not appear to be biased
  • Stick to the template – adhere to the example format specified in the sample review
  • Proofread, proofread, and proofread the example of your review again

Before you begin writing your review of literature example, ascertain that no sample questions are left.

Comply Will an All-Inclusive Example of Literature Review Work

A literature review sample is a critical examination of previously published literature on a specific study topic. It can be written as a separate sample or as part of a bigger example, a dissertation or thesis:

The introduction will include a sample thesis statement as well as an example of the sample topic and area of concern, which will provide sample context for the literature study. It should highlight trends, controversies, and gaps, in theory, technique, evidence, and conclusions, as well as any research gaps. It should also describe why the literature was reviewed and what criteria were utilized to analyze and compare the example material.

Your sample introduction should include a sample answer to the following:

  • Why are you writing a review, and why is the issue important?
  • Review’s scope – which elements will be considered by a literature review
  • Criteria you used to pick literature (e.g., type of sources used, date range)
  • The organizational structure of your literature review

The body of the review of literature sample will organize sources based on a common organizational topic shared by the sources. That might be the example creation approach employed. The sample findings, the timeline, or something else in common. A critical analysis of the literature will be offered, sometimes as a group rather than separately, on related sample sources, for your example.

Paragraphs in the sample body might cover:

  • Historical context techniques
  • Prior research: both mainstream and alternatives
  • The main questions that are being asked
  • Broad conclusions that are being drawn

Conclusion – a sample summary of the writer’s conclusions from a sample of literature review. This example should explain what their analysis leads them to conclude about the literature, as well as what it does and does not give.

Your sample conclusion should provide a synopsis of:

  • Key points of agreement in the literature
  • Disagreements on the discussed example topic
  • Any gaps or topics for more sample investigation
  • Your overall opinion on the issue discussed in the sample

Example suggestions for more study and samples, or, if part of a larger effort, how the research examined links to that addressed in the new example research, may be provided.

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