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Evidence Based Nursing Practice: Explanation and 5 Core Models

Evidence-based practice (EBP) in nursing is centered on giving patients quality care by utilizing the best available findings from research. The process entails conducting research and combining the results with clinical knowledge to enhance decision-making and enhance health outcomes.

Evidence based practice in nursing has five main models that guide medical practitioners across different settings. These models give nurses organized methods for applying EBP to clinical judgment. Choosing the right model will rely on the healthcare setting, the characteristics of the clinical issue, and the available resources.

IOWA Model

The IOWA framework is a structured evidence based practice nursing model that involves:

  • Identifying practice problems.
  • Finding proofs and appraising them.
  • Implementing changes.

It guides decision-making from clinician and systems perspectives.

Stetler Model

The model emphasizes assessing how individual practitioners combine proof with critical thinking when making decisions in clinical settings. It involves steps like:

  • Preparation and proof collection.
  • Validation of proof.
  • Comparing data collected with current practices.
  • Making the final judgment on whether to implement it.

Johns Hopkins Nursing Model

The model combines practice, education, and research into decision-making. It consists of 4 main stages: assess, ask, appraise/apply, and re-assess.

PARIHS Framework

The PARIHS model of evidence based practice in nursing focuses on 3 key components: proof, context, and facilitation. It stresses the strength of an approach, the environment within the healthcare facility, and the tactics used to implement the plan.

Ace Star Model of Knowledge Transformation

This evidence based nursing practice model involves 5 stages:

  • Identifying the problem.
  • Creating a summary of the proof.
  • Translating findings.
  • Implementing these findings.
  • Assessing the impact on patient outcomes.

What Is Evidence Based Writing? The Details

Evidence based writing is the application of EBP principles to writing and communication. It entails using credible sources to support arguments, claims, and statements made in a document.

evidence-based practice paper

What is evidence based writing in nursing? In the context of nursing, it involves creating documents utilizing the available proof and clinical expertise. It applies principles such as:

  • Gathering research and data.
  • Evaluating the quality of sources.
  • Using logic to construct arguments.
  • Citing sources properly to credit the authors.
  • Observing transparency when disclosing sources.

Creating documents with an evidence-based style is common in academic and scientific writing because they value using research to support claims. It can also be used to create other professional documents, such as policy documents and technical manuals.

Understanding an Evidence Based Paper

What is an evidence-based practice paper? It is an academic paper that requires the use of credible sources to support an argument. Here are the components of an evidence based practice paper:

  1. Introduction: presenting the topic and gives background information and the research question.
  2. Review of literature: analyzes existing literature on the topic and summarizes the results and gaps.
  3. Methodology: highlights the methods used to gather data.
  4. Results: provide reports of the findings.
  5. Discussion: evaluation and interpretation of results.
  6. Conclusion: summary of the main points.

An evidence based paper always has a list of references or sources cited. They must be written in a specific format, depending on the assignment’s instructions.

How to Write an Evidence Based Paper That Impresses

How do you write evidence-based practice? When instructed to write an EBP paper, you need to follow several steps to achieve a quality paper. Let’s explore them.

  • Choose an interesting and debatable topic with enough sources for research.
  • Identify the main issue related to your topic.
  • Create a thesis to express the main argument or your position on the topic.
  • Find relevant sources for your topic, such as books, articles, and journals.
  • Make an outline for the paper covering all the sections mentioned earlier.
  • Write your first draft using clear language and proper grammar.
  • Cite and reference sources according to the instructed citation style.
  • Revise the draft to eliminate errors.

Knowing how to write an evidence based paper will serve you in your professional life. EBP papers test your research and judgment skills. All of which contribute to your progress in any field you pursue.

Writing an Evidence Based Practice Paper: What to Avoid

An EBP paper can be tedious and time-consuming. If you aren’t careful and don’t dedicate enough time to the task, you can easily make some mistakes. One of the biggest struggles is to figure out how to arrange a literature review in research paper. Below, you can check common errors to avoid when writing an evidence based practice paper. Learning them may give you even more insights than common tips on writing.

  • Plagiarizing. Don’t use other people’s work without proper citation, or it will be plagiarism.
  • Using unverified sources such as articles that aren’t peer-reviewed.
  • Over-reliance on personal opinion. Nursing evidence based practice documents should prioritize empirical proof over personal opinion.
  • Cherry-picking data. Selecting only the data that confirms your claims, leaving out contradicting proofs, makes your paper unbalanced.
  • Misrepresenting data from your sources. Ensure data is accurately represented to avoid misleading readers.
  • Generalizations affect your credibility. So, clearly define your scope and provide context for your findings.

Producing EBP papers while keeping the above points in mind will improve the quality and integrity of your work. It will also make the paper a valuable contribution to your field. Still, if you are not confident with the task, seeking literature review writing help from people who understand it is better.

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