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We approach every APA style literature review comprehensively. We can work with your sources or search for new ones.
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Identifying themes and gaps
Then, we critically analyze the literature for themes, trends, debates, key publications & current gaps, as well as look for interconnections between chosen sources.
Outlining the structure
Next, we outline the paper using the needed approach (chronological, methodological, theoretical, or thematic) and perform analysis & interpretation.
Writing from scratch
When materials are ready, we write the text from scratch. We will summarize key findings & explain how the study addresses gaps, contributing to the field.

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What Is a Literature Review APA? The Details

Writing an APA literature review means you must create a comprehensive summary and analysis of current research and literature on a specific topic following the American Psychological Association style. The task involves providing an overview of the existing research on the subject under investigation and identifying relevant concepts, methods, and gaps. Common when doing a psychology literature review, it can be written independently or as a component of a research paper, depending on the instructions given. When writing, you should abide by particular referencing rules.

apa literature review

Benefits of Making a Literature Review in APA Format

Depending on the institution, you might be asked to stick to a specific style when structuring your piece. So, what is the benefit of adhering to APA format rules?

For one, when asked to use an APA format, a different formatting style can result in a lower grade or even get your paper rejected. Some instructors are strict about formatting and will penalize you for not using the specified style.

Additionally, using the correct style makes the paper consistent and easy to read, which is essential in academic writing where clarity is valued. Then, doing an APA literature review format also gives it a professional appearance and will show your willingness to conform to the provided rules.

Proper formatting also helps to credit literature properly. It keeps away plagiarism and makes it effortless for readers to locate the sources for further information.

How to Write a Literature Review APA According to 7th Edition

The 7th latest edition follows the principles of clarity like its predecessors while recognizing the digital age’s effect on academic writing. So, what are the features of the literature review APA format according to the 7th edition? Let’s explore.

  • Title Page

Include a short and informative title that clearly reflects the paper’s contents. Put your name and that of the school below the paper’s title.

  • Header and Page Counts

The 7th version doesn’t require students to have a running head for the paper. However, if the professor directs you to put it, it should be a shortened version of the title. Additionally, page numbers should be inserted in the upper right corner.

  • Citations

Wondering how to write a literature review APA citation? Put the last name of the author and the year the work was published to credit all sources properly. For easier reference, cite the page numbers when using direct quotes.

  • General Styling Guidelines

When writing a literature overview using American Psychological Association style, adhere to styling rules, such as:

  • Double-spacing the text.
  • Maintaining margins of one inch.
  • Using a font that is consistent and clear.

These guidelines will make your work clear and consistent.

  • References

A literature review format APA requires listing all references at the end of the document. List all the works cited in alphabetic order by the authors’ last names, and style them using a hanging indent.

Other Important Features of Literature Review Format APA

Reviewing other authors’ works demands a lot of preparation, which is why we understand you might have more questions about the task. Let’s answer some of the queries students have regarding this task.

How to Make Citations in APA 7?

Cite all of your sources in-text by starting the citation with the last name and the year the work was published. Include a list of all the cited sources on your reference page, arranged alphabetically by the author’s last names. See more useful info about APA 7th ed. here.

Do You Need to Create Headings APA 7?

Yes. You should use headings to organize different segments of the piece, such as the intro, the main themes structured by the chosen approach, gaps, and the conclusion.

How Long Is a Lit Overview APA?

The length of the piece depends on whether it is part of a longer paper or a standalone work. If it’s a segment of an academic thesis or dissertation, it should be about 20 pages. However, a standalone assignment can be a few pages or between 2000-3000 words.

Tips on How to Write a Literature Review in APA Format

Now that you have comprehended the formatting rules, it is time to learn how to write a literature review in APA format. Here is an expert approach.

  • Pick a Topic

Select a specific and well-defined topic for the analysis, one that provides you with a clear literature review thesis statement. Pick one you can manage, not too broad or narrow, and avoid complex topics that might trouble you.

  • Search for and Evaluate Research Sources

The primary objective is to give a comprehensive picture of available knowledge on the topic through critically analyzing and evaluating the sources. So look for relevant published works on your topic, preferably from official databases. Then, assess them based on relevance, credibility, and scope.

  • Write the Analysis

What is a literature review APA structure I can follow? This piece is organized using the basic intro-body-conclusion layout. The introduction should state the purpose of the evaluation and announce the main themes you will explore. Include your thesis or research question at the end of the intro.

In the body section, analyze each source and discuss the key findings, showing their relevance to your research. Use transitions to navigate between different sections to make it easier to follow.

The conclusion should summarize the main findings. It should also identify any gaps or controversies in your research.

  • Add References

According to the APA format for literature review, you should have a references page at the end of your work. List all the works used for the analysis according to the referencing guidelines we mentioned earlier.

  • Revise the Work

Once you have completed the piece, proofread and edit it to remove mistakes. You should also counter-check the formatting to ensure the paper adheres to every guideline.

If you’re struggling to start or have gotten stuck while working on your literature overview, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experienced authors is ready to provide you with any writing or editing assistance. Send a request to get connected to a pro writer who is well-versed in your topic.