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What Is Literature Review in Research Paper & Why Do You Need It

A research paper literature review is a piece of academic writing where the author shows knowledge and understanding of the relevant educational material on a given topic. This part of your work aims to place the topic in its context by exploring what others have done and the theories and principles informing research on the issue. Reviewing the literature for entails critical evaluation of sources, looking for gaps, and interrogating what the findings mean for your planned study.

Ultimately, your literature review in research paper should enumerate, describe, summarize, objectively analyze, and clarify the previous studies. You should also offer a theoretical foundation, as this helps you determine the nature of your planned study. In other words, writing a literature review research paper acknowledges what others have done on a subject, showing your readers that your study was well-conceived. The assumption is that by mentioning past studies and sources in your paper, you have read, understood, and assimilated the works into your project.

What Makes a Review of Literature in Research Paper Important

The goal of drafting a research paper with literature review is to create a landscape for the reader, giving them a complete understanding of the development in the field. The landscape then shows the reader that the writer has assimilated most of the previous essential works on the subject into the present study.

literature review paper example

So, in writing the review of literature in research paper, your goal is to convey to your audience the ideas and knowledge established on a topic and their strengths and weaknesses. Your review must be defined by a guiding concept, such as the research objective, the issue being discussed, or the argumentative thesis. Remember, this is not just a description or listing of the material available on a subject.

As part of a larger piece of written work like a project or dissertation, a literature review article is often one of the first tasks the individual performs after choosing a topic. The understanding here is that the reading combined with critical analysis of sources can help you refine your topic and frame your project questions. Also, conducting a literature review for research paper establishes your familiarity with and improves your understanding of current studies. It helps you:

  • Summarize, analyze & contextualize notable studies and theories.
  • Identify contested claims and areas of controversy to explore.
  • Highlight important gaps in research for further analysis.

How to Write a Literature Review Research Paper

Understand that a good literature review research paper does more than just summarize sources. It analyzes methodologies, theoretical frameworks, and findings, critically evaluating sources to give a clear picture of the state of knowledge on a subject. Here are some tips to help you create an impressive review for your research paper:

Clarify Your Assignment

Before you start working on your literature review of research paper, make sure you understand what the project entails. This means going through the prompt multiple times and clarifying expectations. You should also determine such guidelines as the number of sources to include, the source types, and how to format your paper. Also, consider going through sample reviews to find models that can guide and simplify working on literature review format for research paper.

Narrow Down Your Topic

The next important step in getting to write a quality literature review for a research paper is topic selection. If your review is a standalone project, you need to ensure that the topic you choose aligns with the research questions and is current. Understand that the narrower your topic, your analysis will be more comprehensive. Narrow topics also allow you to find better sources for your literature review on research paper. Of course, your professor will not expect you to read every source on the topic. So, make your job easier by narrowing your scope and selecting the most relevant sources.

Additional Tips on Writing a Literature Review for a Research Paper

When writing a literature review for a research paper, you may have to create multiple drafts before your work is ready to be submitted. This means that, after the initial draft, you will have to revise and improve your work. Editing and proofreading enhance the quality of your papers, eliminating typos and grammar mistakes.

Most disciplines require students to use as current information as possible when creating a lit review in research paper. For instance, most science-based subjects demand that the evidence you consult be from the latest studies and updated theoretical frameworks. However, humanities and social sciences give more room regarding the age of sources used. Other than the sources’ age, consider such elements as relevance and authoritativeness. Finally, choose for literature review in a research paper peer-reviewed journal articles and data from reliable sites.

Organize Your Writing Per Research Paper Literature Review Format

You should also consider the organization of the research paper literature review format. Does your paper have a focus, and how clearly has it been stated? Consider the most effective way to relay your information, including headings and subheadings. Follow the formatting and citation guidelines for your discipline. If unsure which style to use for your lit review in a research paper, check with your professor. Perhaps the counselor will offer you some guidance or manuals you may use to work with.

Get Expert Help on Writing a Lit Review for Research Paper

A literature review is usually written as part of a larger project, such as a dissertation, research paper, or long essay. That said, you may be asked to draft a lit review research paper as a standalone project. Whatever the case, your writing must survey scholarly articles, books, reliable websites, government publications, and other sources relevant to your research question or problem.

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