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Literature Review for Thesis: Basics & Features

Writing any academic paper, especially a thesis literature review, is difficult if you don’t know three crucial points.

  • What is this assignment?
  • What is its purpose?
  • What are its features and rules for writing?

The first thing that may come to mind when mentioning a literature overview is that you will summarize the source authors’ main thoughts and ideas. But this is only part of your task. Especially if you conduct a literature review within a research project. It can be an ordinary research paper or even a thesis.

literature review in a thesis

Writing a lit overview is a multi-level process that requires research, evaluating sources, and pointing out themes and gaps. You also should devise a structure to organize the text, using the right approach, and concisely manage findings. Doing this without proper guidelines is complicated unless you know someone who can compose this work instead of you. To discover what is literature review is in thesis writing, its purpose, and writing essentials, keep reading.

What Is Literature Review In Thesis Writing?

A literature review for thesis is not only one of its writing segments but also an essential stage of research. This assignment helps you collect all the needed information on the topic and synthesize your findings to use further. It allows you to evaluate current field developments and find relevant gaps to work with. Besides, a literature review is a bridge, connecting your project’s findings with actual knowledge. This way, you can expand it and make your own contribution.

The length of the literature review thesis depends directly on the number of sources you use and the citation volume. The golden rule is approximately ten references per 1,000 words of the main paper. Generally, it may be 2000-3000 words, but you can increase or decrease this. In any case, you should always stick to the writing prompt by your institution or supervisor.

Thesis Statement as the Main Feature of a Literature Review in Thesis

Like with a term paper, a literature overview is organized not only around sources but around ideas as well. Use the developed research question to plan work and use the issues or themes connecting your sources to create a thesis statement. Yes, there are thesis statements in literature overviews! Still, your literature review thesis statement will only provide a point of view on the materials, not your opinion or subjective position.

Your statement should include 2 main parts: WHAT and WHY.

  • WHAT. What claim are you making about the text?
  • WHY. Why should the readers care? Why is your claim substantial? You should answer the “so what?” question.

A statement is usually one sentence long, but sometimes it can be bigger. It could be located in the opening part of your paper. Often, individuals put it in the opening part, preferably at the end of the introduction.

Simplify Your Task With a Literature Review Thesis Example

Discovering everything about writing literature overviews is almost impossible. There is so much information about approaches to structuring, research & analysis methods, formatting, etc. That’s why such a task is considered the most challenging and risky to make many mistakes. A good literature review thesis example may help to avoid most of them.

thesis literature review

Decide on the needed approach and format and pick the best-suited example to focus on while working. It helps you understand the structure and how to use quotes and describe literature. Besides, some pro-made samples, like ours, may inspire and give insights into good sources.

How to Write a Literature Review for a Thesis?

  • Organize your review

When writing literature review for thesis, you should think about organizing information best. Like with other research papers, the review of dissertation sources has a 3-part structure with an introduction, body, and conclusion. You can also select which way you want to organize your work: chronologically, thematically, or methodologically.

  • Consider being selective and relying on evidence

When citing, reference them in the same way you do in any academic paper. You need to back up your interpretation of the information to show your ideas are valid. You should carefully select the information and decide what you want to include in your literature review in thesis. Give advantage to the most essential pieces of information in each source. Ensure everything you collect is focused on the main point.

  • Summarize the information

You need to make a summary and a synthesis of the sources not only in the whole overview but in each paragraph as well. There’s no need to dive deep into the material and analyze everything in detail, so avoid using too many citations. Also, notice that the lit overview is not just a summary of the existing topic-related studies. You should share your personal opinion and give some new information about everything you’ve gathered.

  • Revise the text multiple times

Once the writing part is completed, you should carefully check the text. It’s important to revise it precisely. The goal is to present the reviewed works in the best possible way, so take time and spend as much time as needed to revise the work. Ensure you followed the assignment instructions and the outline (if you have one). Then, re-check the paper to ensure it’s written concisely and following the selected format.

Keep this list in front of you while working to ensure you won’t miss anything. Also, there are many guides on how to write a literature review for a thesis that advise creating an outline, even if it’s not required. And we join to these recommendations. It will help you to navigate through the text easily.

Need Assistance With Your Lit Overview?

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