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What Is a Literature Review in a Dissertation and Its Purpose

Doing PhD in any discipline is itself an honor for a student and this honor becomes double when this student becomes a scholar by completing his PhD. However, completion of PhD depends upon successful submission of a final research project that is called dissertation. Normally, students think that finding an awesome research proposal and successful completion of research activities are the real things in any dissertation. Well, this concept is wrong since writing a dissertation literature review is not that easy task.

The real thing in any dissertation is to support the written material with outside research work that is already published in a famous research journal. Finding the reference sources according to theme and idea of dissertation, compiling these sources at one place and connecting them with the theory of dissertation category wise is called literature review of dissertation. The purpose of writing dissertation literature review is providing a critical evaluation of the research problem by connecting the reference literature of scholarly articles or survey books with a particular area of research.

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Sample Literature Review for Dissertation

The importance of sample literature review for dissertation work cannot be overlooked.  We provide such samples to you, to help guide your writing and formatting needs.  The literature review in dissertation work is lengthy and at times can be complicated.  The sample will help offer you focus and insight and help you determine how to go about your writing in such a way that will make sense from the get-go.

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Tips on How to Write a Lit Review for a Dissertation

Writing an ordinary dissertation literature review that is full of revisions could be a less important job and no skilled person is required to do this. Whereas, a good dissertation lit review example reveal the expertise of the experienced writer. Here the question arises that what are the things that make a literature review better than the ordinary lit review? Following tips will reveal the ways, how to write a lit review for a dissertation:

  • It is obvious that after winning the dissertation proposal, you are going to write a dissertation. You must start your dissertation with the literature review because in this way you will realize that how effectively you can defend your views with the support of evidence sources in the form of scholarly articles.
  • The first step to write a good lit review should be defining the proposal of dissertation. In the introduction of a lit review, you can elaborate the reason for choosing the particular proposal of dissertation. Here, you should support the reason with some authentic reference source that must have to be taken from a reputed scholarly journal.
  • In the body of the lit review, you have enough space to present the old theories that are relevant to the topic of dissertation. Obviously, being old theories, there will be lots of supporting references that you can easily find at various research journals. Similarly, you will easily find the references for discrepancies in these old concepts. Before presenting your own views, you should prove these inadequacies in the older theories.
  • Now you can present and support your own views with the relevant published articles that should be available in famous research journals. This will be a little bit difficult to find such reference articles that could second your opinion, but you should not leave any link that is supporting even a little part of your theory.

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Top Quality Literature Review Dissertation Services

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