Writing a Literature Review for a Dissertation

Literature review writing for a dissertation entails a lot of research, a lot of time, and a lot of attention to detail and relevance.  In addition to that, it requires the use of extensive research bases and resources both of which we have widely available for your unlimited use. Finally, it requires a skillful hand at writing because, in addition to being informative, dissertation literature reviews must present information in both a compelling and interesting way. That is why a lot of people are looking for affordable lit review help online.

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Dissertation Literature Review Example

In some institutes, both thesis and dissertation are considered one thing that is the final research project of any candidate to complete its masters or PhD degree program. However, in most of the institutes, a PhD thesis is typically termed as a dissertation to differentiate it from Masters level thesis. A dissertation literature review example on any specific topic represents the personal views of the student as well as its criticism on formerly published information about that particular topic that is under discussion. In other words, a literature review in a dissertation is the summary of references or sources a student use in its entire research.

The purpose of writing a dissertation literature review is supporting and connecting all the provided information, either about previous work or regarding the findings of new research, with previously published scholarly articles that would be the part of famous research journals. The literature review not only establishes the credibility of information that is provided in the dissertation but also offer the evaluation of information to the readers with the advice of using what type of sources should be used in the dissertation.

Dissertation Litearture Review Sample  informative dissertation literature review sample

Tips on Writing a Dissertation Literature Review

Let’s see, how to write a literature review for a dissertation by adopting the following tips:

  • Statement of thesis or dissertation. Always start the literature review with a statement of your thesis or dissertation that should be based upon your own perception.
  • Quality Investigations. Literature review is the right place to reveal your in-depth investigation about the topic of your dissertation along with firm support of relevant sources. So, always select a specific topic that supports the quality investigation.
  • The connection of work with previous literature. A literature review is a critical discussion forum for comparable and contrast views, so, connects your work with the previous studies to write a good lit review.
  • Highlighting the existing gaps. The gaps in previous research must be highlighted in the literature review to arise the questions about improvement in existing research material.
  • Identifying the sources. You must be careful in identifying the sources for the literature review. It doesn’t matter that you have chosen the reference from books, academic or scholarly journal articles or some other type of written content. The important thing is checking the credibility of the source that either it is reliable or not.
  • Short and informative introduction. There is no need to drag the introduction unnecessarily. Remember! Only short and informative sentences can appeal the readers to read your literature review.
  • Division of sources. Separate the sources according to support and opposition of your own idea and write them category wise.

How to Write a Literature Review for Dissertation

How to write a literature review for dissertation depends on the topic, type, and format you will be using. We know that when learning how to write a literature review for a dissertation, you will want only the most qualified of persons by your side. We are here to guarantee that and more.

Some dissertation literature review tips:

  • Don’t start writing your lit review without an outline
  • Make sure you have enough relevant sources
  • Omit broad topics, focus on your subject and topic
  • Don’t deviate from your research hypotheses

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A Guide to Writing the Dissertation Literature Review

It is critical to have a guide for writing the dissertation literature review if you have never experienced the process, and it can be helpful even if you have done it before.  With our team of professionals at your disposal, writing a literature review for a dissertation can be easier than anticipated.  We have the tools, knowledge and staff members available to smooth the way and create a path that will allow your guided writing to flourish rather than to be lost in a sea of confusion from the starting point, which without guidance could assuredly happen.

Literature Reviews for Dissertations

Literature reviews for dissertations comprise a large portion of the work to be done. That means a core quality base must be in place to ensure a firm foundation. Writing a literature review for dissertation work is no easy task and that’s where our team can prove invaluable. We will help you find and organize your literature in a manner that convinces the reader and/or intrigues them to want to investigate further.dissertation literature reviews writing service
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