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An evidence practice paper is similar to any other written requirements but what sets it apart is that this relies greatly on facts and evidence as opposed to opinions and conjectures. Writing an evidence-based practice paper is one of the best ways for you to contribute to the development of clinical research and programs of medical procedures. Writing your paper can be challenging most especially that this entails a great deal of research, analysis and of course, your time. Do not forget to make use of sample evidence-based practice paper as a source of your reference.

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What You Can Learn from Evidence-Based Practice Paper Sample?

When we review an evidence-based practice paper sample, we realize that it involves the research about improving some existing inadequate medical practice. Of course, it requires solid proofs and evidence not only in the form of research paper but in real existence as well. To write an evidence-based practice paper, it is necessary to adopt the following six steps:

  1. Evaluate the necessity for change: On the basis of insufficiencies of current medical practice that is under study, you can prepare the research question. In the first step, start collecting the internal data for present medical practice and associate the problems, outcomes, and interventions that have been facing in current medical practice. On the basis of these entire problems, you can make a comprehensive topic or question for your evidence-based Practice Paper.
  2. Trace the finest evidence: The next step to write evidence-Based Practice Paper is getting relevant sources of information according to the research question and evaluates the credibility of these sources in the eyes of readers and examiners. You can complete this step by identifying the sources of evidence, refining the research plan and conducting the research.
  3. Assessment of evidence sources: It is obvious that there will be some similarities as well as variations among all evidence sources. In the third step, one should compare all the available sources in terms of finding these resemblances and variances. You can complete this step by evaluating the evidence value, synthesizing the top evidence and measuring the risks and expected benefits of the new practice.
  4. Designing the implementation of new policy: To make a change in the existing practice, you can apply the synthesized evidence sources for reflection of new understanding. To complete the 4th step, first of all, define the future changes, then identify the essential resources and finally design the implementation procedure according to new evidence-based practice paper example.
  5. Implementation and evaluation: After successful completion of the first four steps, you can apply the required changes for new evidence-based Practice and evaluate the changes to attain the new evidence. For completion of the 5th step, implement the changes, evaluate the outcome and generate the conclusions.
  6. Integrate and uphold changes: To continue the improvement in the newly implemented procedure, again review the new evidence. For completion of the 6th step, recommend the broader changes at first and then integrate these changes into standards of practice. Later on monitor the process and outcome occasionally.

To complete the first four steps, no need to send the students outside the college. Just give them a research paper assignment to establish an evidence-based practice paper outline setup. However, completion of step five and six need a healthcare environment. Remember, all these steps of evidence-based Practice are interlinked.

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APA Format Evidence-Based Practice Paper Outline

APA style is developed by the American Psychological Association and mostly used by the students of Social Sciences such as Anthropology, Economics, Communications, History, Psychology and Political Science. Following are the formatting rules for APA format;

  1. At first, page, write your full paper title here, your name and school name.
  2. Margins should be 1 inch from all sides of the page.
  3. Preferred font is TIMES NEW ROMAN win 12 point font size.
  4. There should be double line spacing throughout the evidence-based Practice paper.
  5. The first line of each paragraph should be indented and give half inch space to the first line of every footnote.
  6. Top right-hand corner should be used to insert the page number.
  7. The reference list in APA style should be started from the end of the research paper preferably from a new page.
  8. Enter the references alphabetically and each reference should start from the last name of the author.
  9. In case of the anonymous author, start the reference from the title but ignore “The”, “A” and “An” if lies in the start of the title.

But how to properly cite the sources? References in APA style should be cited as follows:

“Last name, I. (Year of Publication). Title of article. Title of Publication, 22(3), 225-258. DOI or URL.”

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