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Writing a piece of in-depth research such as a literature review is going to test you fully and many students are going to have many problems with this task. This is why you will be asking “Who can I pay for literature review.” The answer to which is we may write your lit review! Our professional literature review writing service has been supporting students with this difficult task for many years and we have all of the help that you will ever need.

We provide you with access to a literature review writer that will be highly skilled and experienced to ensure that your piece of work will be completed perfectly. We work closely with you to fully understand precisely what you expect from your work. Our experts then use their skills to ensure that your review of literature will be precisely what is required of you.

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What Is a Literature Review?

As the name suggests it is an in-depth look at the available literature and research that has been undertaken in a specific topic area. It can be undertaken as a standalone task allowing you to demonstrate your understanding of a specific topic or it can be done as part of a wider academic paper to introduce and justify your own research.

A literature review will seek to identify and survey the available literature in your topic area. It will then synthesize that information to form a summary of what is currently known. It will then provide an analysis of that information to highlight different schools of thought, any areas of controversy, limitations to what is known, and any gaps in knowledge. All of this will be done in a highly organized manner allowing the reader to quickly gain an understanding of your topic area.

What Is the Purpose of a Literature Review?

Writing a piece of work for a college assignment or as part of a wider piece of research is not simple so you have to keep your aims clear. The following are the purposes of writing your literature review:

  • To provide a clear understanding of the background to your topic area.
  • To show who has been involved in research in this area and to give credit for their contributions.
  • To show where there are conflicts, gaps and even highlighted questions that are still open in your topic.
  • To justify the need for your own proposed future research.
  • To show how the available works relate to your topic and the subject area as a whole.

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What Types of Literature Reviews Can You Write?

Just as with writing an academic assignment or an essay there are many different ways that you can approach the task. The style of your literary analysis will require deep thoughts in itself to choose the right method to approach your writing. You could write literature review papers in all of the following styles and many others besides:

  • Historical literature reviews: there is often a need to look at how ideas have developed through a period of time. A historical review would identify where an idea first appeared and then follow its evolution. Usually concluding with how you feel it will develop into the future.
  • Argumentative reviews of literature: just as you can write an argumentative essay to make your point you can also write a literature review to support your arguments. The weakness of this style of review, however, is that they can often be heavily biased.
  • Systematic reviews of literature: this style of review requires a highly formulated question around which to base your research. It will be conducted in a highly systematic manner following predefined methods that you lay out.
  • Integrative reviews: this style of review writing will get you to pull together works that follow the same or similarly related hypotheses. This allows you to develop new perspectives and frameworks around your specific topic area.
  • Methodological reviews: these concentrate not just on what was said but how it was said. What methods have been used to actually reach the conclusions that are made within their individual pieces of research?

How to Write a Literature Review

Step 1: Select the right topic area
You need to select something that is of interest to you, after all, you have to be able to stick with it potentially for years if it is part of your thesis project. You also need to select a topic that is not to broad or too narrow. Too broad and your research will lack any focus. Too narrow and you may not find anything written about it at all. You must also remember that you need to select something that will be seen as having importance.
Step 2: Find literature in your topic area

Whether you are writing a standalone essay or review of literature for your final thesis you need to find relevant and trustworthy sources of information. This is not what you will find if you just use your usual search engine to look at popular blogs in your subject area. You need to be looking at real research and that means taking care of how you search for your information. Use scholarly search engines that will help you to find relevant papers. Make use of your library to find books, journals and other sources of information. Take care to read the abstracts and to download, copy the sources that you need to look at.

Step 3: Find relevant extracts

Now comes the hard bit, you have to actually read through the works that you have highlighted as being relevant to find information that you can use within your literature review. You need to look for and clearly highlight all of the following:

  • Specific theories and hypotheses that are being made.
  • Conclusions that have been reached through the research.
  • How they have defined specific terms and ideas.
  • Any gaps or inconsistencies that you have noticed.
  • Any disagreements or differences that you have seen between different research.
  • Suggestions for additional or further research.

At this stage copy the whole of what you have seen verbatim ensuring that you keep track of the author, publication, dates and any other relevant information that will be required for your citations and references.

Step 4: Organize your information

There has to be some form of organization to your ideas and how you will write your review. This is not just a summary of what is out there. You need to analyse what you have found. You will need to take all of the information that you have gathered and start to make sense of what you have.

The easiest way to do this is often to just simply start putting together all of the information that follows the same theme or idea. The information that does not obviously drop neatly into your main themes will often suggest additional ideas that you may need to be covering within your writing.

Step 5: Outline your literature review

Usually, the themes and ideas that you have come up with when organizing your research will form the main sections of your writing. You can use this information and your coding to form the structure and flow of your literature review. Move the different ideas and themes around until you are happy with how you have structured your review. A good outline will not only guide your writing it will also highlight any issues or areas where your information may be a little light.

Step 6: Write your review of the literature

Whether a research project or a standalone review the above steps will help you to ensure that you gather relevant information from reliable sources. It will also help you to organize that information to provide you with a logical review of the sources of information that you have read through.

Your writing, however, should not simply be a string of quotes. You will need to use paraphrasing and summarizing to put the information contained in your sources into your own words and style while writing towards the specific purpose of your paper. Ensure also that you provide clear citations in the correct format for your paper.

How Should Your Literature Review Be Formatted?

There are many different academic styles that your literature review should be written in. Each will have very specific requirements as to how your overall paper should be structured and presented. Also, very important for your literature review and associated references section or bibliography the format will define how your citations and references need to be structured and what information they will need to contain. Some of the most common academic formats you may need to follow are:

  • APA: the American Psychological Association style is mainly applied in the social sciences and behavioral sciences. So if you need to write an APA format literature review you would need to follow their guidelines with care.
  • MLA: the Modern Languages Association style is mainly used in the humanities and was first published in 1985.
  • Turabian: also known as Chicago style the manual was written by Kate L. Turabian hence the name. It is used mainly for academic papers rather than published works.
  • Harvard style: developed in the named university the style refers to the type of parenthetical referencing and citations used.
  • IEEE: the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers style of writing is mainly used for the writing of a research project in technical fields such as computer sciences.

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Video Help Writing a Literature Review

Our dissertation literature review help can provide you with a host of support with your writing. Not only can we physically support your writing we can also provide you with a huge amount of advice, tips and even suggestions for videos that will help you:

K State Libraries: selecting a topic for your research. Getting the right subject area for your research is vital to ensuring that you have something that you can work with successfully. Whether you are simply looking for a topic area for a literature review or a full-blown research project it is important to ensure that you get the right one right from the start. This video at a little over 4 minutes will help you to better understand how you should be selecting topics for your literature review and research. It will help you by showing you just what is expected from your topic so that you can understand what is really expected of you. It will also show you the many ways that you can go about finding a topic through further in-depth research to reviewing available lists of suggested topics.

Dr Brooke Wells: literature reviews APA format. As with any higher paper, your literature review must be carefully formatted if it is to be accepted. This video will take you step by step through everything you need to know about correctly formatting your review. It will show you the overall layout of a paper that should be written in APA format as well as showing you the way that you must cite the different sources that you use within your review. One of the hardest parts of any literature review is often getting the citations and references done correctly. This video will show you precisely how you should be giving credit to your sources through clear and consistent citations. They will also demonstrate how you can get your references correct depending on the source of your information as each will often require a different structure of information to get them correct.

University of Melbourne: writing the literature review. Actually drafting out your literature review is a difficult and often highly time-consuming task. This video will take you step by step through how to write your literature review in the most effective way. They will show you the overall process for writing a review that will be accepted whether it is part of a larger piece of research work such as your thesis or as a standalone paper. With their help, you will learn the most effective ways to begin your preparation so that your writing will go smoothly from start to finish. It runs through every stage of your literature review from the questions that you should be asking yourself as you read the relevant sources through to how you should be reviewing and revising your writing to get the best results from all of the work that you put in. It ends with a handy checklist that you will be able to use to keep track of what you are doing and to make sure you cover everything required.

Steve Kirk: Finding online sources. A vital step in your literature review is finding the right sources of information to include within your research. However, using the internet to find sources that you can trust is not as simple as just plugging in a few keywords into Google. Often your usual search engine will simply return the most popular information and this will not always be something that you can trust. This video will run through the methods that you should use to find reliable and relevant sources of information online. It shows you how to use scholarly search engines in the right way to get information that you will be able to use without any issues in your review of literature. Use this video to better understand the way you can use keywords and the different routes available to you to find information online that is going to be related to your subject area.

Can Samples Help with Your Lit Review Writing?

Our lit review writing service provides you with a wide range of samples that you can download and review. These can be accessed through the “sample” link on our menu bar at the top of the page. Each of the available samples are well written and will give you insight into how your writing should be structured and styled.

Our examples will provide you with a huge amount of guidance with your writing but you should never simply copy any sample that you see. Your own literature review should be unique and focussed on your specific topic area. You should also be wary of using any information and citations used within any samples unless you check the original source first with care.

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Why Should You Use a Literature Review Writing Service?

Completing your review to the standard that is expected of you can be highly time consuming as well as hard work. So using a literature review service can not only help you to get around the time issues it can also help you to overcome all of the other problems that you would otherwise face if you tried to do all of the work yourself.

Our help in writing a literature review is provided through highly skilled members of our staff that are fully qualified to provide the help that you need. Not only that the help that we provide for you comes with all of the following advantages:

  • Direct access to your writer: you will be working directly with your expert to ensure that work is done just the way that you expect.
  • Unlimited revisions to your literature review: we will make any changes that you are looking for to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the writing.
  • Free proofreading: all work that is provided through our service comes with a free review to ensure it will be free of any issues with your spelling and grammar.
  • Plagiarism free work: we supply only unique writing produced the way that you expect.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality: our services will never share your personal details or the content of your research with others.
  • A money-back guarantee: if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service and we are not able to fix the issue to your satisfaction we will refund your money back to you.

What Types of Literature Review Can You Help With?

Our lit review writing service can help you with a full range of different support at all stages within your education. With the support of our experts you will be able to get help with:

literature review service onlineStandalone literature reviews

Often you will be asked to write a literature review essay so that you will be able to practice your research as well as writing skills. Often you will be required to investigate predefined topics rather than those that truly interest you. Our specialists will work with you to ensure that your sources are relevant and that your essay is written perfectly.

need help writing a literature reviewResearch proposal literature reviews

Your dissertation proposal literature review needs to be written in a way that will show the reader the importance of your research as well as demonstrate that no one else has already solved the issue. Our specialists work with you to ensure that your proposal will be able to move you forward into the next stage and your paper will be worthy of the highest grade.

hire literature review writerDissertation review of literature

Your literature review for dissertation is a vital part of your paper. Writing at this level must be done without any errors and must fully impress the reader which is why our experts may be required to help you.

pay for literature review writingThesis reviews of literature

Writing at the doctorate level is going to be the hardest thing you will have ever done academically. Your literature review thesis will need to be perfectly formatted and written which is where our specialists come in.

Who Will Write My Literature Review?

The quality of writing that is produced will of course heavily rely on the quality of the expert that you work with. This is why our lit review writing service will always ensure that you are paired with a specialist with the highest of qualifications are experienced. You can always check out our lit review samples or integrative review example to see that our writers are up to par. Your specialist will be:

  • Highly qualified with a full postgraduate degree in the field of research to be undertaken.
  • Very experienced at all aspects of doing research and the writing of literature reviews.
  • A full understanding of how to apply the required academic format for your review.
  • Very experienced at searching out sources of information within their fields.
  • Excellent fluent English language skills.

What Should I Pay for Literature Review Writing?

You cannot simply buy literature review papers off the shelf. It should always be written according to the purpose of your paper and around the topic area that you are researching. The pricing of our service starts at just $14.85 for each page of writing produced for your review. This can increase based on the urgency of your order and where you are within your education.

If you are still wondering who will write my literature review just get in touch with our professional services today and get to work with our highly effective specialists.

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