Writing Literature Review on Gender Equality

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Create Your Literature Review on Gender Equality from Scratch

The reason on why many are struggling in writing their literature review on gender equality is because of the level of complexity to accomplish this task. When you are writing your literature review, you should make sure that you have enough data and information to utilize for winning content. Remember that your literature review should be effective enough that will help your readers understand its relevance. Whether you need a lit review on gender or customer perception literature review, a well-written paper should follow all the standard norms and guidelines to ensure its excellence. Create your literature review on gender equality from scratch to guarantee its originality!

Most Relevant Topics for Literature Review on Gender Inequality

Today, modern societies claim that men and women have equal rights not only at workplaces but in domestic life as well. However, when we talk with women about gender equality in modern culture, the results are opposite. Why we are still unsuccessful in maintaining gender equality in our cultures? Gender equality is still a debatable question and many seminars, debates and research works are being held every year all over the globe at the topic of gender equality. Being lot of research work is already available at gender equality, so young students are feeling difficulty in finding some workable question at this topic.

Following are some most relevant topics for literature review on gender equality:

  • Existence of Gender Inequality in the Modern Culture
  • Gender inequality at Workplaces of Developed Countries
  • Gender inequality at Workplaces of Developing Countries
  • Difficulties in achieving gender equality at workplaces
  • Are all types of workplaces having the same ratio of gender inequality?
  • Achievements and scenarios for gender equality in western society
  • Causes of gender inequality and their manifestation in today’s society
  • Where do we stand in our claims for gender equality?
  • Effectiveness of gender equality laws
  • Differences and similarities between gender-blindness and gender equality
  • Extent of gender equality at educational institutes
  • The role of gender equality upon children education
  • Is it possible to achieve true gender equality?
  • Effect of gender equality on economic development of any nation
  • Relationship between peace and gender equality
  • The role of gender equality in politics

Steps for Writing and Formatting a Literature Review on Gender

The main goal of your literature review on gender inequality is to showcase relevant literatures that establish the value of your study. It is important that you are able to choose carefully primary sources as this will improve the importance and credibility of your research. Remember to always synthesize the information in your sources; carefully look through the keywords that will enable you to guarantee the efficiency of your lit review. Your literature review on gender equality must be able to highlight the problem, its solution and further recommendation for the betterment of your research. Following are the steps for writing and formatting a lit review on gender equality:

  • The introduction of a literature review on gender inequality or equality should describe your opinion for discouraging gender discrimination in society. However, this opinion should be supported by some relevant reference materials.
  • In the next part of lit review i.e., “the body” you should discuss the reasons behind the ineffectiveness of many theories that are already presented by the researchers as a solution of gender solution. It is very important to support all the discussion with the reliable reference sources that have been published in some reputed journals. After discussion of these flaws in the reasons, enlighten your opinion and its effectiveness as compared to previous struggles for gender equality.
  • In the last, conclude the literature review with showing the impact of your research experiments upon lives of people in terms of understanding gender equality. Obviously, you have to second your thoughts with some accurate reference material.

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