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Using AAA Citation Style: Why and When

AAA citation is a layout used commonly by anthropologists but currently, many academic institutions are utilizing it and incorporating to research papers. This document should follow the design provided by the Chicago or Turabian layout, remember you should comply with the proper form. Experts of our service have prepared some useful info so you would get a better grasp of writing AAA style paper.

Comply with Proper Guidelines

When writing an AAA format paper, you should determine whether you should use Humanities style or Scientific as this decides the referencing type of article. For them, you should use a 2/0 spacing with a Times New Roman font. There are a number of guidelines that you have to follow, do not hesitate to solicit support. A single error and proper styling in your AAA paper could compromise the overall quality of your contribution.

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General Requirements for AAA Citation Format

It is very similar to the Chicago for. However, here are the general requirements for the AAA format, which you have to follow in your literature review.

  • The citation would be placed in parentheses and it would include the name of the author and the year of publication of the source. In AAA citation format. For instance, it will be (William 2004)
  • When writing extensive paraphrases, include the page number and use dash to show the page range. For instance, (William 2004,140 – 43).
  • If you have to use two or more references together, list them in alphabetical order, like (Harry 2004; William 2005).
  • Avoid the use of “ed.” or “trans” in the citation.
  • If four or more authors are involved in work, write the last name of the first author and et al.
  • Some abbreviations in AAA citation style could be used like e.g., or i.e. but abbreviations like ibid, cit., and passim should be avoided.
  • In the reference list, all the sources must be cities in alphabetical order
  • When different works of the same writer have to be cited, they should be listened in chronological order, starting from the oldest.
  • Small alphabets, a, b… should be used to cite the work of the same author in the same year.

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