Writing an AAA Paper

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Using the Proper Format in Your AAA Paper

AAA or American Anthropological Association is the citation style that is used commonly by anthropologists but currently, many academic institutions are utilizing this style and incorporating it to research papers. AAA paper should follow the format provided by the Chicago or Turabian style, remember that you should comply with the proper format in order to maximize the effectiveness of your paper. Essays must be presented with specific formatting in order to demonstrate your knowledge of the chosen topic and expertise to adhere to proper standards. Experts of our literature review writing service have prepared some useful information for you so you will get a better grasp of writing AAA style papers or an evidence-based paper.

Comply with Proper Format Guidelines in Your AAA Style Paper

When writing an AAA style paper, you should determine whether you should use Humanities style or Scientific as this decides the referencing type of your paper. For AAA papers, you should use a 2/0 spacing with a Times New Roman font. AAA paper will use the Chicago style for formatting, you can refer to Merriam-Webster’s for any spelling corrections. When writing your paper, make sure that you carefully cite any ideas that are not yours as this may easily be classified as plagiarism.

Given that there are a number of guidelines that you have to follow when using AAA style in your paper, do not hesitate to solicit help. You can get help from your teachers or even avail innovative online solutions from writing sites. A single error in formatting and proper styling in your AAA paper could compromise the overall quality of your paper which is why it is a necessity to avail professional help. There are large pools of expert writers online that can provide you the necessary academic assistance you need to make sure that your AAA papers are top notch, flawless and carefully formatted.

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General Requirements for AAA Format

AAA format paper is similar to the Chicago style of formatting. However, here are the general requirements for the AAA format, which you have to follow in your literature review.

  • The citation will be placed in parentheses and it will include the name of the author and the year of publication of the source. In AAA format no punctuation will be there in between the two. For instance, it will be (William 2004)
  • When writing extensive paraphrases, include the page number and use dash to show the page range. For instance, (William 2004,140 – 43). There is the use of the comma, instead of a colon, which was used previously.
  • If you have to use two or more references together, list them in alphabetical order, like (Harry 2004; William 2005).
  • Avoid the use of “ed.” or “trans” in the citation. Such information is reserved for the reference list.
  • If four or more authors are involved in work, write the last name of the first author and et al.
  • Some abbreviations can be used like e.g., or i.e. but abbreviations like ibid, cit., and passim should be avoided.
  • The reference list should not be a part of the endnote.
  • In the reference list, all the sources must be cities in alphabetical order
  • When different works of the same writer have to be cited, they should be listened in chronological order, starting from the oldest.
  • Small alphabets, a, b… should be used to cite the work of the same author in the same year.
  • Use the full name of the author in the text, whenever possible.

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Get Expert Writing Help for Proper Format and Style of AAA Paper

From the above-mentioned guidelines, you must have got the idea that writing in AAA format is not an easy job. If you cannot cite the references and follow the format, your paper might get rejected, wasting all your efforts. To avoid the wastage of your time and face the failure, it is better to get it done by the experts. Our team of experts has a complete grip on writing different documents in the AAA style paper example. They have prepared hundreds of such documents, so the chances of errors are almost zero. Our literature review online service can find the relevant material for your research too. But if you already have material, our editors can do necessary formatting for you according to the AAA style. It will save a lot of your time and effort and you will get an error-free perfect document.

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