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How Do You Write in the ACM Citation Format?

Association for Computing Machinery literature reviews covers computing literature to provide researchers, students, practitioners and teachers are resources with a roadmap about practical and scholarly information about computing. These reviews are published yearly and they come from conferences. If you need help with the literature review check out the following tips in literature review writing.

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General Requirements for ACM Paper Format

ACM format paper is the biggest scientific and educational forum to provide advanced computing knowledge both in print and digital display. Anybody, who wants to support its computing article with cutting-edge publications and conference proceedings about ACM citation format, can take help from the premier Digital Library. However, to submit the research articles for publications in ACM reference format journal, it is mandatory to fulfill the following mentioned general requirements of the authoring template.

  • The first requirement for ACM format is making the publication, a part of the digital library and submitting the article in the official 2019 master article template. The article sample has been adopted by eight different ACM report format journals and proceedings. According to master template following schema has been recognized submission of articles:
LaTeX (Version 1.53)

Word (Windows version)

Word (Mac 2011 – Toolbar support)

Word (Mac 2016 – Ribbon support)

  • According to ACM paper format requirements, the articles should be edited according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary and Chicago Manual of Style.
  • This new Association for Computing Machinery paper offers a single LATEX package with optional calls and substitutes all former independent files and packages. The package uses those fonts and free TEX packages that are incorporated in popular TEX distributions such as MiKTeX and TEXLive. Margin modifications are not allowed in the new example and fonts that are used in the template cannot be replaced.

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The Sample You Can Use

The reference section is where to highlight the sources of your literature review

  • They enclose the last name of the first author and the year the study was published.
  • When two authors, both of the names are included and the year the study was published.
  • For over two authors, they use only the last name of the first author and it is followed by “et al.”
  • Sequential in-text citations should be enclosed in square brackets and they are separated by semi-colons.
  • If the citation is part of the sentence, the author’s name is not inside brackets, but only the year.
  • If an author has at least one study published, the citation will be [Smith 2010a] and [Smith 2010b].

perfect acm paper format sample

To make a citation in Association for Computing Machinery easier, you can use the BibTeX or .bib file with the correct .bst document for reference so you will need minimum editing. For more examples, you can look for ACM format generator and get the best of it.
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