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How to Write a Sociology Literature Review Sample

First: Conduct a literature review sociology outline to find information in journals on a revision. Most publications in this field will be found in medical journals, but books and the internet are handy tools as well.

Second: Gather your data. Any topic issues need to be resolved, so what you collected reflects the data acquired.

Third: Once the data is collected, start combining the information you have formulated to share understanding about the social studies topic.

Fourth: Make sure that all criteria are forming a hypothesis. Once a hypothesis is formed, it must be able to present measurable information that shows that the research you did is complete. Here are a couple of examples of those criteria:

  • What does your topic reveal or summarize?
  • What steps did you take to find the relevant information?

Fifth: Draw conclusions. Once you have brought forth all the conclusions that you are using to prove or disprove your topic, sum it up, completing your research.

How to Get Started

The sociology literature review example will help you to formulate a plan that will set the tone. Our experts will help you every step of the way. Here are a few steps to outline your successful lit revision:

  • Argumentative – This refers to the creation of an argument that will either support or refute the topic you choose. You need to establish a viewpoint early on and continue to develop this viewpoint as you go.
  • Historical – This is where you narrow down a specific incident that defines the event itself. Points to consider:
  1. What period of time are you focusing on? You may need to show differences between eras, and how they affect society’s changes.
  2. What are the issues? Make your subject clear and stick to it.
  3. What are the ideas and theories that support or disprove the topic?
  • Qualifying analysis topics
  • Identifying concepts that need to be analyzed
  • Start showing proof of data analyzed
  • Recheck all outcomes that came from analyzing data

Identify different aspects of social studies scholarship like synthesis, critiques. You need a framework as a support system. This is where the narrative text appears in dissertations or thesis papers.

Get Ideas from Quality Example

professional example of literature review in sociology  sociology literature review example

Some Tips to Follow

How to write a literature review sociology APA is some specific method to adopt. This delivers the overview of the prior academic study related to a title that compares, classifies and assesses that was published before about a certain title. This method lets the writer place and synthesizes the academic lit and research regarding the headline. It is based on the process of a few guidelines. Check the formatting APA style.

Examples of Formatting APA Lit Revision

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Porter, R. (1994). London, a social history. Retrieved from http://books.google.com

Rowling, J.K. (2001). Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone. London: Bloomsburg Children’s.

James, H. (1937). The ambassadors. New York, NY: Scribner.

You can also get the APA help in case of no familiarity of working with this particular style. The work by any professional can revise your work multiple times.

Where to Find Sources

The next question to consider is where to find the sources you need for your lit revision. It is expected that there will be citations of numerous types of research supporting your topic. Using the internet, newspapers, and libraries are examples of how to research a chosen topic. Using the ASA writing style is the recommended method to present your text. Here is an example of a website that details the methods used to write your paper.

One of the parts to plan about your finished work is how well it will be presented. Here’s a website you can go to in order to find how to write a sociology literature review sample. They have experts in the writing field who can guide you on how to present the perfect outline with their lit revision services.

Also, ask how long should it be at work before being presented by you. It’s imperative to have a perfect revision to hand in. Basically, the average word count to go by is if a dissertation is 15,000 words long, then the text should at least be 5,000 words long.

Select One of the Good Topics

When you have chosen your topic and have researched information, you want to make sure you know how to write an APA paper that is clear.

Deciding what to write about can be frustrating since there are so many subjects about society as a whole. Here are a few social studies topics to choose from:

  1. Abortion – Discuss pro-life and pro-choice; show examples of the pros and cons of abortion, specifically noting if it can be considered murder
  2. Child Abuse – How does it affect society
  3. Culture Comparisons – Compare the US culture characteristics with other nations’ characteristics, and the basis of why the cultures are different
  4. Gay, Lesbian, Bi, and Transgender – What are the differences between the different types of sexuality
  5. Marriage and Family Relationships – What is the difference between family relationships now, versus 50 years ago
  6. Domestic Abuse – What are the causes, and what are the effects
  7. Social Problems – Identify problems in our society and suggest ways to solve problems
  8. Race, Culture, and Gender – How to do these topics impact society
  9. Social Stance – How does it affect general education
  10. Social Structure Based on Emotion – Find what it is about the emotion that shapes social structures

sociology literature review topics sample

Things to Consider as You Work

Think about staying out of crowded areas – it makes it harder to concentrate and will lengthen your research time. A great place to stay for such purpose is home or library. The next step would be dedicating a specific time period to start with and remember to take short breaks to keep you mentally focused. One more important thing – don’t skip meals, because when you are hungry, your concentration suffers.

Tips to Stay on Track With

  • Check instructions – make sure you are catching all of the points to follow from start to finish.
  • Make sure that you give credit to all the different journals or sources that you are using.
  • Don’t include full article names when you show quotes: instead, use “research found” or “studies state”.
  • Refer to authors by their last name – if the research includes multiple names, try putting “et. al” instead.
  • Focus on what the subject of the article included, and put “findings”, “discussion”, or “result.”
  • Don’t add full sentences regarding your sources, it will make the text too lengthy.
  • Do not include personal stories. Personal stories are opinion and show bias on your part.
  • Don’t treat your revision as if it were a book report. You need multiple outside sources to show your in-depth studies.
  • How is the research being located? It is expected that there will be citations of numerous types of research for your topic to be presented.
  • The paper needs to cover as many references as are necessary to have a perfect text to deliver.
  • Using the internet, newspapers, and libraries are examples of how to research your topic.
  • Double-check your work by going to sites that will verify that you are not duplicating someone else’s work (Copyscape or Duplichecker are good examples).

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