State of the Art Literature Review: All You Need to Know

Literature Review of Art

Aristotle once said, “A good style must first be clear.” This master rhetorician strikes at the heart of good writing with this quote. Good writing has to be, above anything else, easy to read and understand. A good writing style is one that anyone can understand with a minimum of effort. All other rules should be secondary to this.

Another important quote to remember for your literature review is “I don’t need to know everything, I just need to know where to find it.” This has been attributed to a variety of sources, so nobody quite knows who it first came from. However, this is a very important thing to remember when you’re writing a literature review because a literature review is all about finding the facts on everything. This quote helps you remember that it’s okay if you didn’t know most of what you found before you started. After all, you’re seeking it out now! But remember about choosing the right format,  APA format literature review is the most common. You can read about how to write a literature review APA as well.

State of the Art Literature Review

Have you been asked to create a state of the art literature review? If so, you might be a little confused. This is a somewhat unusual type that’s different from even regular literature reviews, so even if you’ve done one before you might not be sure how to go about it.

A regular literature review serves as background for a research paper. You have to evaluate the sources and decide which types of sources you’ll be using. It requires an extensive understanding of everything that’s been done in the past few decades in your field. Although you won’t focus on sources from a hundred years ago, things from the last fifty years are all fair game despite the fact that the focus will be primarily on new sources.

A state of the art review isn’t that different. You’re still going to be evaluating sources, summing up your field, and critically analyzing everything you come across. It is different, however, in that your state of the art review is very focused at one point in time: the present. A state of the art review examines all the most recent contributions to a field. It looks at all the arguments, debates, and questions going on in a field right when the research is happening.

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How to Write a State of the Art Literature Review

So, how can you write a state of the art literature review? We’ve collected a list of tips to help you get started.

Look through them carefully:

  • Make sure to focus on recent articles. Remember, this is the state of your field as it currently is now, so articles from fifteen years ago don’t matter too much.
  • Choose scholarly articles. You can’t use websites for these lit reviews – you need peer-reviewed journals.
  • Check out your school’s library website. Most schools have very strong library websites with great search engines that you can use to find articles. They’ll let you filter by full-text and peer review.
  • But don’t forget web searches. Google Scholar is an amazing resource for finding great peer-reviewed articles. It also turns up books, which you can usually at least partially read. You can also choose to include only recent articles, which is very helpful.
  • Have a plan in mind first. Whether a formal outline or just an idea of how to organize your paper, you’ll want this to help you stay on track.
  • Choose the right topic. We’ll help you with this later, but for now, just remember that topic is essential to conducting a great literature review.

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State of the Art Topics for a Literature Review

One of the hardest parts of a literature review is choosing a good topic. If you’re struggling with that, we can help you choose. Although it will vary massively depending on your field, we’ve made a list of ten great topics in a variety of fields that can help you think about what you want to do.

Read good topics here:

  • Language and the Internet: how are things changing?
  • How has social media affected our communication styles?
  • How do people conceptualize art in the digital age?
  • What sort of transportation systems will become common in the future as technology changes?
  • Are we entering a new economic age?
  • What Western laws have roots in Shari’a law?
  • Can intellectual property be viable in an age of instant information sharing?
  • What’s the potential for microbial life on other planets and moons?
  • How viable are GMOs in the long term?
  • How can we increase parity in mental health care and address rising rates of mental health issues?

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Literature Review State of the Art

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