Review of Literature on Stress Management

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Writing an Impressive Review of Literature on Stress Management

Stress has become part of daily life of every person due to an excessive workload, loose temperament, and unnecessary pressures. This stress ultimately becomes the cause of many diseases and people visit the doctors frequently. Instead of dragging the stress up to disease level, it is better to adopt stress management techniques. Nowadays, stress management has become a hot topic of research students and they always try to find some best stress management topic for their thesis or dissertation.

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The quality of your literature review basically relies on your ability to effectively discuss crucial points that will enable your readers to understand what your study is all about. Make sure that you dedicate time to research, the number of data is very important to establish the value of your research. Your review of the literature on stress management should have a clear and logical line of argument. You can make critical notes and even suggestions to effectively convey your academic opinion. A winning review of the literature on stress management should be able to outline the review and cover all important arguments. That is why should get our stress management help.

Stress Management Literature Review: Critical Analysis of your Study

The main purpose of your literature review, whether it be literature review on motivation, stress management or any other topic, is to demonstrate the grasp of your topic. Offer a clear link between your own arguments, issues, and pieces of evidence in your review of the literature on stress management. If you are also one of the students who are in need of some awesome topic for his research proposal, then the following are some examples of highly appealing topics:

Take a look at the best stress management topics:

  1. Positive Thinking: An Effective Stress Management Tool
  2. Breathing Exercise – A Powerful Stress Management Technique
  3. Meditation – The Best Stress Management Approach
  4. Do Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Ultimate Stress Management
  5. Time Management: A Necessary Stress Management Practice
  6. Smile & Laugh: A Special Stress Management Therapy
  7. Avoid Drugs – A Essential Stress Management Practice
  8. Ways to Overcome Stress in the Workplace
  9. Role of Stress in Organization’s Productivity
  10. The Significance of Good Diet to Deal with Stress
  11. Role of Friends, Family, and Acquaintances to Kill Your Stress
  12. Indications of Stress and Tips to Cope with It
  13. Measuring Level of Stress by Using Helpful Techniques
  14. Setting a Goal to Reduce Stress
  15. Long-Term Effects of Stress That Lead to the Sudden Death
  16. Handling Job Stress like a Pro
  17. Stress and Response of a Human Body

Also, you can include short summaries of every source but make sure that you will make a critical assessment as opposed to simply describing their ideas. When using quotations, be sure to avoid plagiarism. Keep in mind that a well-written stress management literature review will be original, flawless and provide its readers will all the necessary information.

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Tips To Write and Format a Lit Review on Stress Management

Writing the review of literature on stress management is not as easy as many other subjects. The reason is that, there are already many approved researches about stress management are available at various online forums, scholarly journals, and academic books. To point out the drawbacks in any one of the stress management technique and providing its alternative solution is definitely a difficult job. Following are some key tips to write and format a literature review on stress management:

  • There are lots of approved research methods that are used for stress management such as positive thinking, breathing exercise, meditation and progressive muscle relaxation, time management, smiling and avoiding drugs. The best thing is finding some new stress management technique and proves it for the readers on the basis of already published articles.
  • To find a new stress management technique, you can start working on such a technique that is still not approved but under discussion or under trial. You can take an innovative step in approving this technique of stress management by means of further research in another direction.
  • If you have found the side effect of some existing approved technique or have found some positive or negative results by increasing or decreasing the suggested value of technique, you can base your proposal on this topic. It will be definitely highly appreciated.
  • To write a literature review on stress management in the recommended format and excellent manner, it is better for the guidance of some professional service.
  • Nowadays, lots of literature review writing services remain available for the customers 24/7. It is better to take help of any one of these online literature review writing service and stay free from extreme pressure of meeting deadlines and producing an excellent quality lit review.

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