Mass Murder Literature Review

Addressing About the Important Types of Information on Mass Murder

Mass murder. It’s a scary topic, isn’t it? The connotations of the huge loss of life, the feeling of insecurity knowing that it could happen anywhere. Let’s first get the definition straight. A mass murder happens when four or more victims are killed at one time in a public place. Serial killers aren’t mass murderers – not unless they kill more than three victims at once in public. The injuries leading to death must all happen at the same time as part of the same incident.

Two or more killers can perpetrate a mass murder, provided they’re working together. Most people think of mass murder as shooting, and this is the most common weapon since guns can wreak so much damage. However, there are other weapons too, such as poison, disease, arson, and even knives. These are certainly rarer but are worth being aware of. Overall, there’s a chilling trend in mass killings and mass shootings specifically: they’re on the rise. It’s important to be aware of the trends so that you can review the literature appropriately. Anf you always can ask for help with writing a literature review.

References to Other Sources in Mass Murder Author’s Information

Let’s go over some information about the statistics of mass murder related to the last point. These come from Mother Jones and BBC News. The vast majority of all mass shootings and really mass murder, in general, are perpetrated by white men. Women are less likely to commit mass murder, which aligns with their relative rarity in serial killing cases as well. In 2015 alone, there were 372 mass shootings in the USA. Remember that each shooting must injure or kill four people to qualify, so this doesn’t even consider cases where less than that were affected. In these shootings, 475 people were killed and 1,870 were injured. Tragically, there were 64 school shootings in the same year.

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Literature Review on Mass Shooting Topics

Getting ready for your lit review of mass murder? It’s hard to find a great topic. You need something specific but not too specific.

Here’s our list of seven great topics you can use as a jumping-off point to decide what you want to write about:

  • Is there any truth to the notion that mentally ill people are more likely to commit mass murders? How does stigma contribute?
  • What can be learned from the methods of mass murder – guns, poison, arson, and so on?
  • How can we prevent mass murder in a more effective way than we’ve been doing?
  • Why is there such a large difference in mass murder rates between the USA and other countries?
  • Are gun policies effective for halting mass murders?
  • Is there a difference between the types of mass shootings, such as family-related or work-related or stranger-victim killings?
  • What are the different motivations behind weapon choice and hostage choice?

Writing Mass Shooting Literature Review

If this is your first literature review, it’s understandable to feel a little uncertain about how to begin the process. Even if you’ve done it before, a little assistance never goes amiss. After all, you can always use some help!

With this in mind, check out our list of tips:

  • Start with the right topic. We’ve discussed this, but let’s talk about what it’s important. You want something that has enough sources but isn’t too specific.
  • Decide on an organizational method. There are lots of ways you can organize your paper! Chronologically, by topic, by the view. Think about what works best for you.
  • Organize your sources before you start writing. This helps prevent confusion.
  • Get your citations in order. A separate bibliography is always wise.
  • Use a variety of sources with different perspectives. It’s difficult to express the views of a whole field without going into the diverse opinions that exist therein.

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Literature Review on Mass Murder Mistakes

When writing a mass murder literature review, though, you should also try and avoid common mistakes, since they can make you appear not up to date on your review.

Here’s the five most common of them and how to avoid them:

  • Using outdated information: make sure that everything is up to date by concentrating on sources, not more than ten years old. You can use a few older sources to show the state of the field, but supplement them with newer info.
  • Confusing citations: if your citations aren’t right, you could get called out for plagiarism. You don’t want that, so keep them well-organized in a separate document and create your bibliography beforehand.
  • Summary: summary is the death knell to an amazing paper. You need to be able to properly analyze your sources, discuss their pros and cons, and compare them.
  • Too few sources: we know you want to get away with doing as little work as possible – it’s understandable. All the same, make sure you have enough sources to cover different viewpoints.
  • Shallow analysis: although the analysis is important, you have to make sure that you go deep enough to catch the important issues. It’s great to compare two sources, but also discuss the themes of each on in depth.

Mass Murder Literature Review

Writing a mass murder literature review on your own isn’t easy. There’s so much to deal with and know that it can be difficult by yourself to understand all the issues. But with the right tips and maybe a little one-on-one help, it doesn’t have to be so hard. Our experts are standing by to assist you with your requirements for literature reviews. Even writing a literature review of ADHD  can be a lot easier than you might think! We can help you at all stages, from finding sources to finishing up that essay with the last bit of polish you need. It’s easy with us.

For your mass murder literature review, choose the smart option and let us help you on your way!