Write Medical literature Review: 11 Simple Rules of Writing

A medical literature review is in great demand in most health fields nowadays, especially the ones with the widest ranges. These are in great demand because every field is in need of something to prove and validate the findings of new people who are creating new ideas and questions, proposing new ways of doing things.

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Saying this, starting to write medical literature review can demand a huge amount of work from the author as it needs to look as professional as it can. That is the reason for researchers to spend weeks, months and even years on one research, to make it look perfect.

This sample would help anyone to achieve the professionalism and the seriousness a work of this type demands.

medical literature review sample

The Process of Writing a Medical Literature Review

Medicine subject is a system used to study literacy in a specific area in order to identify quality, potential, limitations and the importance of a certain subject. When writing an overview, the author should totally comprehend the subject he wants to write about, this would give more depth to the labor of writing and will help at differentiating between qualitative and quantitative data. This difference is the one that makes all the research have meaning, without it, the work is lost.

writing a medical literature review steps

11 Simple Tips to Help

However, the next tips on writing a medical literature review are as important as the previous ones that would get more insight and professionalism to the paper:

1. Choose the perfect topic

The topic is good when complying with:

  • Interesting to the author and at a certain point, to the audience (related to the work or study area of the author)
  • Depict an important aspect of the field in which it is being presented
  • Represent an important issue, defined and without mistakes in the creation.
2. Searching and researching the material

When searching the literacy to be rechecked on the topic of preference, the author needs to download and read all the relevant papers related to the field of study and the topic being presented.

3. Manage all findings correctly

All the investigation and research should come with the correct and meticulous approval. All of the selection processes of the ideas that are worth to be written in the paper must comply with the criteria of the work.

4. Take notes

Taking notes of everything that has been written is great at the medical literature review outline, as these will help the author to avoid writing things twice and do not forget about authors, importance, background, and meaning of every concept and explanation being written.

5. Choose the type

Most types of reviews are often small and full ones. The small ones are guided to develop a topic that doesn’t have a wide range of information, something that could be done in just a few pages while still giving enough information to make a point without losing a sense of importance.

6. Have a point without losing interest

Portray a problem or a question of importance on the field. Also, this problem should create new ideas and always be interesting in the subject being presented.

7. Be always critical and consistent

The problem being depicted on the paper should be of importance.

To do this, the author required:

  • Research the major achievements in the field of study
  • Have ideas that could be debated but not refuted
  • The questions with a point
8. Create the perfect structure

A lit overview is like any other kind of work on paper; it must have a total consistent style and comply with certain rules.

A great structure consists of:

  • An introduction
  • Methods
  • Questions
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
9. Get feedback from others

It is important to note that having the feedback from people with enough knowledge in the field of medicine, will always be one of the best ways to know if the work being written is capable of meeting the standards of work in the field.

10. Include your own research without losing objectivity

This point is of most importance in the paper. All the ideas that will come from you are the most important to portray.

11. Use new information without forgetting the old

Using new studies to back up all ideas coming from the author of the paper is important in any field, however, if the author takes his time to also prove all his ideas with previous findings,

How to Finish Your Writing

All questions should be answered, without leaving loose ends and with all researchers backing up the important depicted ideas of the work. The work should be criticized and its limitations must be indicated. The paper of its own must come totally independent of any other work, only using previous work to add validity and importance, that’s why it is important to always know how to write this document, in order to portray a problem with the specification, giving honest ideas and solutions to problems.

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