How to Conduct a Computer Science Literature Review

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Literature reviews are a feature of most research projects. But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Simply googling your topic will result in thousands (if not millions) of hits, very few of which are likely to be relevant to your project. On the other hand, knowing the purpose, types, and best methods before conducting a computer science literature review can make the process so much easier. And if that still isn’t enough, consider using online tools like a literature review generator to get that research literature review computer science projects one step closer to the finish line. Also, you can start by checking available online computer science literature review example, but first make sure to select topic you are interested in.
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The Purpose of a Computer Science Literature Review

In the field of computer science, the literature review is more than just a collection of articles on your chosen topic. It is a critical analysis of the most relevant books, articles and reports about computer technology and other relevant theories. Gaining an insider knowledge about your topic is one purpose of the literature review; another is to identify key themes, patterns, and gaps in the available scholarship. You need to be able to explain where your project fits into the overall body of knowledge on your topic, and a literature review can help you do that.

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What Questions Should I Ask to Start Writing a Computer Science Literature Review

The research question is the engine of a research project – it will shape and drive your research and, ultimately, your findings. For this reason, it is important to define a strong research question before starting your literature review computer science research paper. One method to get started is to first ask yourself:

  • What are the topics I hear people talking about right now?
  • What advances in technology are just on the horizon, and how will that change the current computer science landscape?

Questions like these can be helpful as you clarify your research question. It might also be helpful to examine a biology literature review example for comparison, to see how the sciences handle the data science lit review.

Systematic Literature Review Computer Science as Main Type of Such Type of Lit Review

In the field of computer science, the main type of lit review you will see is the systematic literature review. The systematic approach is where you collect published and unpublished studies in your subject area and then use a systematic method to critically analyze those studies, comparing and synthesizing their findings.

A more detailed version of the systematic approach, known as a meta-analysis, applies rigorous statistical procedures to your collected body of literature. Whether the systematic literature review, computer science edition or meta-analysis is the right method for you, it’s important to clarify your approach early in the process and then apply it consistently throughout the project.

What are other types of literature review you can use for writing your paper in the computer science field? The following are some examples:

Narrative Literature Review Systematic Literature Review
Meta-Synthesis Meta-Analysis
Theoretical Review Scoping Review
Stand-Alone Literature Review Articles Research Proposal Literature Review
Research Report in the Workplace Methodological Review
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Structure of a Systematic Literature Review Computer Science

The goal of a systematic computer science literature review is to create a robust, exhaustive summary and analysis of current literature relevant to your topic. The literature review must start with a research question, and then summarize and analyze your collected literature texts in a systematic way. While there is no set format for a literature review, it is important to decide how and in which order you will be discussing your research so that the end result is cohesive and organized.

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Steps for Planning and Conducting a Literature Review Computer Science Research Paper

Before you start a literature review, it’s a good idea to look at samples of literature review for research paper in computer science. Pay attention to how the writer has structured their literature review, which method they’ve chosen to use, and what information they are pulling from each source.

It’s also important to learn about and stay up-to-date on topics the IEEE considers relevant. After becoming familiar with the IEEE, lit review prep should be much easier. Another great tool is a literature review generator, don’t hesitate to use all of the resources available to you.

Once you’re ready to start, the main stages of planning and conducting a literature review include:

  1. Creating a strong research question and defining your method
  2. Searching for relevant literature and data related to your question
  3. Extraction of important information, data, and findings from each outside source
  4. Analyzing and combining the information and data, using a systematic or statistical approach, to create a synthesis of findings.

Great Literature Review Topics in Computer Science
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More Ideas for Selecting the Best Computer Science Literature Review Topics

Before you can write a literature review, you’ll need a great topic. There are many literature review topics in computer science to choose from, so a list of trending topics can help narrow your options from the start. Some of the most relevant computer science literature review topics include:

Theory of Computing SmartCity
Cloud Computing Big Data Analysis
Distributed Systems Security and Privacy
Cryptography Biometrics
Healthcare (Remote Medical Diagnosis, Medical Robotics) Programming Languages & Software Engineering
Machine Learning Computing for Development
Molecular Information Systems Virtualization Systems
Software Re-Engineering Video Streaming
Network Security Systems & Networking
Data Mining Data Management
Data Base Artificial Intelligence
Quantum Computers SCRUM Methodology
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