Conducting Business Research Literature Review: Ultimate Tutorial

Reviews in business literature are a resource many scholars use to develop and explain the introduction of a subject or more complex paper. This kind gives an evaluation of the ideas that are being presented in a specific work. It gives an explanation of the importance and relevance it has in a specific field, surveying the lit of the area of study.

A business research literature review synthesizes information from previously researched information to create a summary of the whole purpose and importance of a specific study. This is done by critically analyzing the whole text and proposing new ideas or solutions to a problem, presenting the whole topic of the previous works in a more organized way and following certain rules or formats depending on the purpose.

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Importance of Literature Review on Business Ethics

A management business literature tries to convey ideas of previous works in order to form or support new ones the author is trying to explain. This is done by creating some facts about the previously researched work, like the weaknesses, strengths, purpose, scope and other details. It must well-defined and give an explanation of a subject, without losing sense on the topic and always depicting in depth the whole purpose of the writing piece.

This research must belong to accredited or respected scholars in the field, with the whole purpose to give an introduction to an essay, thesis, dissertation or a research report. It can also help at identifying gaps or problems with knowledge in a field, saving time to the author of investigating some things in-depth and creating an easier approach for more complex works. It can also help the author to prove the importance of a subject while showing that he knows what he is talking about by causing previous ideas and researchers to develop new ones.

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Business literature is specially designed to prove the research skill of a scholar, by letting him portray and identify the information and ideas that may have importance in this project, demonstrating the familiarity of the work with the owner and summarizing the whole idea and purpose in order to finally create a connection between the old one and the one to be created.

Look through the Best Business Topics

  • Employee commitment relationship to national and organizational culture
  • Male employees perceptions of female employees
  • Company strategies: how global firms leverage themselves
  • Management approaches in encouraging strategic thinking
  • Social networks and management strategy
  • Company goals impact on employee performance
  • Improving personal relationships with goal achievement in the workplace
  • The best performance measures: how employers evaluate employees
  • Factors that lead employees in knowing unethical actions
  • Managing people advantages having similar characteristics
  • Social responsibility relationships between corporate financial performance
  • Expectations of the consumer of corporations
  • How corporate policies enhance competitiveness and improve social conditions
  • Effective management style in the modern workplace
  • Management practices in different sectors

How to Organize

Organizing a literature review on business ethics can be a really hard ordeal, as it can depend on many things and change according to certain details. However, most papers can be organized by taking into account the different approaches that are taken in the body of the work, the concepts and issues that are portrayed, the methodologies that were employed on the matter, the topics and the level of support it gives to the person or work of the reviewed author.

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About the Finished Document

When finishing a literature review for business plan the author must take totally care in making the whole article look fine and have sense. Also, all ideas and topics must already be summarized at the end of the work, with significant studies and previous researchers being portrayed in the body. All important points in business literature should already be reflected in the body, and flaws, ideas, strengths, inconsistencies, and variations of the subject should already be mentioned and developed in-depth.

The conclusion should provide insight and importance of the relationship between the old and the new ideas, choosing topics in which the business literature paper is based. This will help the author to create a wider range of knowledge towards the idea and at the same time to specify the whole purpose of the revision.

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