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Definition and Few Intro Words

A literature review is a summary and critical analysis of the literature relevant to your topic or research question. By “literature,” we are referring to published, credible books and articles related to your topic. Writing a political science literature review involves conducting research in recognized scholarship, summarizing the conclusions and specific questions raised by the research, and then critically assessing the sources for the most valuable applications for your topic. A good literature review also identifies gaps or omissions in the scholarship as you prepare to situate your own research among that which already exists.

How to Write a Literature Review Political Science

There are different types of questions that are important to address in a literature review political science. Some of these questions are not asked directly in the paper itself; for example, “What is the most recent research related to my topic?” Your literature review should answer this question, asked or not. If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to become familiar with APSA and their website for the latest in the field of public affairs.

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How to Find Good Resources?

Good resource are easy to find if you know where to start. While it may be tempting to start with a Google search, this approach may actually lead to results that are not focused on your exact topic and so are a waste of time. The best places to start looking for are books, articles in scholarly journals, policy journals, or research papers.

If this is still too wide a net, you might like a popular and efficient approach called the “snowball” method. This method involves starting with one credible book or article. Many students will use a textbook from a current or past class since textbooks often cite the most influential and important sources. Find the section relevant to your topic, and then find the footnotes or endnotes and copy down the sources they reference. Then go look them up. Step two is to “mine” the sources of those references, copying down the scholarship they cite, and looking those up, too. When you start seeing the same sources cited in many texts, that is a good sign that your research is tracking the most significant thinkers on your chosen topic.

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Strategies to Help Me With Writing

It’s time to start writing. But how to write a political science literature review? One idea is to look at good examples. Pay attention to how the author structured their review, how they organized their research, and how they identify major themes and potential gaps. Using an example as a model can be very helpful when just getting started.

As you collect and read the relevant books and articles, take good notes. Summarize each chapter or section, listing main arguments and important conclusions. Record your thoughts as you read, including any questions the text raises.

Finally, don’t procrastinate. Spend time writing on a regular basis, allowing plenty of time to read and think about your topic. Quality analysis rarely happens in a time crunch, so give yourself the space to think deeply about what you want to say.

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Tips for Writing a Good Lit Review in Politics

Good work starts with the research question. Getting your research question right up front can really help to focus your research and help you avoid going off-topic. How to write a literature review political science? A really good idea would be to cast a wide enough net with your question and search terms to give yourself a robust sense of the subject – just not too wide. The more you read in your subject area, the more confident you’ll sound when you write about it. But time is always an issue, so focus on the texts that offer the biggest “bang for your buck.”

It’s important to adopt and use an organization system right from the start. You will have a lot of citations and source material to keep track of. There are a number of good options out there, including RefWorks, Mendeley, and OneNote, that will help you to organize your research; pick one and use it consistently.

Great Topics to Save Your Time

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What If I Need Help with Writing?

If you start feeling overwhelmed by the research, you’re not alone. It is an important but difficult step in the research process. If you find you’re stuck at any part in the process, perhaps you just need a little help to move your document closer to the finish line. That’s where we come in. At this website, we offer everything from how-to guides, to comprehensive help.

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