Writing Literature Review on Leadership Styles

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Literature Review on Leadership Styles: How to Write a Good Lit Review

In writing your literature review, make sure that you know what kind of materials that you will use, the keywords and also how many sources essential to ensure the quality of your research. It is important that your literature review on leadership styles can effectively evaluate the literatures. Your assessment should be logical and feasible in order for your readers to understand the importance of your study. Another thing that you should consider when you are writing your literature review on leadership styles is its application to your own research. Moreover, you may know more about literature review on domestic violence on our site.

Most Relevant Topics on Literature Review on Leadership Styles

You can find a lot of data and information on the leadership. Books of famous writers are available on the leadership, which you can easily contact your topic. Here are few topics, which will help you to get an idea about writing a literature review on leadership styles.

  • Leadership skills – a case study of famous leaders of the world
  • Soft image of a leader in the present world
  • A comparative study of leaders in the past and present
  • Successful leaders of the world, who won the hearts of people
  • How training can enhance leadership skills
  • Global impact of a successful leader
  • Leadership – the importance of empowerment
  • Leadership styles and strategies
  • The scope of leadership
  • Impact of leadership qualities on the life of the families
  • Leaders – comparison between public and personal lives
  • The connection of leadership with other fields
  • Leadership and importance of team building
  • Role of leaders in geopolitical movements
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How to Find Good Resources for Your Literature Review of Leadership Theories?

Leadership is as old as human history. The aspects of leadership have changed over time and now it is not limited to local people only. If you are looking for research resources for the literature review of leadership theories, you can find a large number of resources. Here are few tips, which can help you to find good resources.

  • Books: You can find a number of good books by the famous authors on the leadership.  However, make sure that you find those, which are closely relevant to your topic.
  • Journals: journals on social and political issues can also help you to find the relevant material. You can visit a nearby library or visit an e-library for that.
  • Online resources: the internet has made our lives easy. Now you can find a number of online sources like political forums, websites of famous leaders and online books, which can help you to find related information.
  • Newspapers: old and new newspapers are also a good source to find information about leadership. Some newspaper publishes special supplements on the birthday and death anniversaries of the leaders, which can be useful.

No matter, what is the source; try to find the relevant information, with proper references.

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Tips on How to Write and Format a Transformational Leadership Literature Review

To maximize the quality of your literature review, do not forget to always incorporate your own findings with the prevalent ideas and theories presented with the literature. Your transformational leadership literature review must be able to refine the questions and problems asked in your study. Make sure that you also include the methodologies used, this will guide your readers into attaining the same information and conclusion. A well-written literature review on leadership styles, as well as integrative paper, will enable you to improve the effectiveness and success of your own research. Here are few tips, which can help you to write a transformational leadership literature review.

  • Collect relevant information from different sources. Citing the same source, again and again, gives a bad impression.
  • Arrange your literature in proper order according to your topic.
  • Follow the recommended style for formatting and stick to that.
  • Make sure you have done the editing of information.
  • Revise your data and do editing again.
  • Try to get advice from the supervisor or any senior. An experienced person can guide you better.

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