Writing Literature Review on Customer Perception

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Simple Ways in Writing Literature Review on Customer Perception

Writing your literature review can be a time-consuming process which is why you make sure to start early and allocate a great deal of time and expertise. The main purpose of your literature review on customer perception is to showcase the number of primary sources regarding your topic as to establish the relevance of your study. You should be able to determine great sources that will allow you to maximize the proficiency of your paper. By creating a winning literature review on customer perception, you can easily provide your readers credible data for further research.

Your literature review should be original, if you are paraphrasing texts, be sure that you comply with guidelines as to prevent any forms of plagiarism. After you are done writing your customer perception literature review, make sure that you leave room for revision and editing. Keep in mind that your literature review is one of the most important parts of your research and so you should allow time and dedication in ensuring its excellence. To save you time, you can also solicit help from expert literature review writers to guarantee the proficiency of your literature review on customer perception.

Most Relevant Topics for Customer Perception Lit Review

Customer perception is very important when it comes to marketing or business success. If a customer perceives a product important and essential for life, the product will be sold soon. On the other hand, if customers have a negative perception about any product, it will be a failure, no matter how good is the quality of the product. So, customer perception is very significant and many companies collect data from the users of the products about the perception of their products. If you are planning to write a literature review on customer perception, you have to choose your topic carefully.

Here are few relevant topics for the customer perception literature review:

  • Customer perception of online shopping
  • Effect of packaging on customer perception
  • Change in customer perception with age group
  • Effect of marketing and media on customer perception
  • Customer perception about gifts shopping
  • How purchasing powers affect customer perception?
  • Historical analysis of customer perception
  • Customer perception about the purchase of additive products
  • Customer perception of quality
  • Strategies to change customer perception about a particular product
  • Customer perception about the luxury brand
  • Influence of branding on customer perception
  • Effect of marketing activities at the mall on customer perception

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Tips on how to write and format a lit review

A literature review is a very important part of any research. It creates a connection between the past researches on the topic and your research. It helps you to understand the scope of your study and give you the direction to lead your research.

Here are few tips to write and format your customer perception review of literature:

  • You have to be precise when you find the literature about your topic. You can find a large number of research papers, which seems relevant to your topic but actually, they are not. You have to choose the one, which is closely related to your topic and strengthen your idea.
  • The literature review should have a particular reference. If you find a good material, but the reference is not reliable, you cannot include it in your literature review. Try to find authentic data or researches and clearly mention the reference in the bibliography, no matter it’s a research paper, article, book or even a web page.
  • You have to add just the relevant part of the research in your literature review. It can be a page or even just a single line.
  • As far as formatting is concerned, be particular in citing the references.  Follow the format, which will be available on the website of your institution and stick to that. There are different formatting styles, follow the one in the entire review.

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