Writing a Literature Review on Motivation

literature review abstract sample

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In the course of your academic career, you will experience the need to make use of a literature review especially when you do not have the time to conduct research. Literature review on motivation allows you to have an overview of a specific topic; in-depth study creates a strong foundation for effective literature review and this will establish your credibility as a professional literature review writer.

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Top 10 literature review topics to consider while writing a paper on motivation:

  1. Comparison between private and public firms in terms of employee motivation.
  2. Team building and employee motivation.
  3. Is Money the only ideal way to motivate an employee?
  4. The motivation of employee and individual’s approach.
  5. Techniques of games lead to employee motivation.
  6. De-motivated employees and impact of their performance on sales of an organization.
  7. Tips to deal with stressful times and faced by employees.
  8. Role of workplace environment to motivate the workforce.
  9. Recognition and Reward programs.
  10. Expectancy theory and employee motivation.

literature review abstract sample

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