What Is a Healthcare Literature Review and How to Write It

What Is a Healthcare Literature Review

A literature review is one of the most important things you can do for your paper. The number of sources, topic area, and background information are all affected by your literature review and how well you write it. A literature review is essentially a review of the work that’s been done in your field before. It looks at all of the backgrounds for your research question and helps place that question within your field.

A good lit review is essential to your paper because it helps your reader understand where you’re coming from and what you’ve done to make sure you’re up to date. It situates your paper and shows that you’re aware of all the developments in your field. It gives you a firm background on which to build for your own research. It also helps teach you critical thinking skills that will enable to become a better student. These are crucial skills to build while you’re in school, so you’ll be grateful for these reviews.  So now you see what is a healthcare literature review and why is it so important. You will use some literary analysis tips to make your review the best one.

All About Your Healthcare Management Literature Review

Health care is such a crucial field for anyone who cares about the state of the world. There’s rarely a surplus of doctors, and even if you yourself don’t plan to go to med school, all healthcare professionals, from nurses to physical therapists, are generally in high demand. Some statistics from Becker’s Hospital Review helps us take a look at the state of healthcare today.

Did you know only 32% of doctors are women? There’s still a shortage of female physicians, so if you’re a woman planning to be a doctor, you’re forging ground. There are more specialty physicians in the USA – 468,819 – than primary care physicians – 425,032. Family medicine is always in demand, so if you plan on settling down to become a family doctor, you’re pretty secure in your future employment. However, we’re facing a general shortage of health care in the USA, so you’ll probably be all right no matter your field. Hospital workers’ salaries have increased 8.2% annually, and this growth is predicted to continue. Manual to electronic conversions are liable to be a big deal since estimates suggest that the industry could save 8.1 billion a year by enacting these conversions. So healthcare IT is up to be a booming field soon! Check also our sample literature review Ireland!

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Healthcare Literature Review Topics

Choosing a good topic is crucial for getting a good literature review. Topic helps you locate sources and choose what to focus on. As such, we’ve compiled a list of great topics.

You can use them as is or choose to get inspiration for another topic from them:

  • The ethics of assisted suicide
  • Best practices for treating adults with developmental disabilities in a dignified way
  • The state of AIDS and HIV care
  • Communication and aging: how to create better rapport with elderly patients
  • The treatment of mental illness in vulnerable groups, such as children and the elderly
  • Nanotechnology in new surgery techniques
  • Alternative medicine: what has a basis in fact and what’s simply the placebo effect?

Do’s and Don’t for Healthcare Literature Review

While you’re getting ready to write your literature review, here are some tips that can help you. Our list of dos and don’ts will get you on your way to a better paper!

Just look through them carefully: 

  • Do choose a topic that’s not too narrow. The temptation to be specific is powerful, but this will make it difficult for you to find sources.
  • Don’t get focused on just one source. Although one or two sources might be the best ones, you don’t want to get bogged down. Treat all your main sources with equal time and footing.
  • Do create an outline. Outlines are helpful for staying organized, and also for helping you defeat the fear of the blank page. You can be as informal as you like with these – just make sure you’ll understand it.
  • Don’t forget to proofread. Typos are one obvious way that your paper’s quality can go down. Be careful and read after you’re done.
  • Do use a variety of sources. There’s no set number that’s preferable, but you want to make sure that you represent all the viewpoints possible. Don’t just curate it to fit your paper. Instead, present an objective assessment.
  • Don’t just drop facts into the paper. You need to contextualize what you use with comparisons and contrasting information.
  • Do analyze. Investigate the sources! See what’s good and what’s bad about them, and write about it.
  • Don’t summarize. You should certainly discuss facts from the paper, but you don’t, to sum up, every single one you bring up. That would get tedious quickly.

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Healthcare Management Literature Review

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Review Literature for Community Healthcare

If you’re considering going into healthcare, or if you’re in the field already, we salute you. You’re addressing the greatest needs in the world – health and wellness – with your choice of profession. Let us help you along on your journey. You’ll have much more time to focus on what’s really important with our assistance.

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