What Does A Literature Review Look Like To Meet Your Requirements


What Does A Literature Review Look Like To Meet Your Requirements

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What Does a Literature Review Look like?

This is a question that many students ask. What does a literature review look like not only refers to its physical appearance. It also is a way of stating what criteria a literature review has to meet to be considered acceptable. The following are five categories that literature reviews are judged on and some of the criteria that should be met:

  1. Literature coverage – Justifying what material is included and excluded in the literature review.
  2. Synthesis – Includes distinguishing what has and hasn’t been done in the field and places the topic in the broader scholarly literature. Providing a new perspective on existing material is also looked at.
  3. Methodology – Identifying major methodologies used in the field and discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  4. What it means/importance of issue addressed – Rationalized both the practical and the scholarly significance of the research problem/issues addressed in the review.
  5. Quality of writing – Was the writing clear and coherent and did it support the review?

A literature review will be judged on whether it successfully met all criteria, or to what degree it failed to do so.

Physical Structure of the Literature Review

The structure of the literature review follows a format that is often used in academic writing. At its most basic the literature review consists of:

  • Introduction – Introduces the topic and contains the thesis statement
  • Body – Analysis, and interpretation of literature reviewed that supports the thesis statement
  • Conclusion – Restates the thesis statement, which essentially is the summary of what the analysis and interpretation of the literature led the writer to conclude. It should also include a brief explanation of why the reviewer reached the conclusions they did.

Despite the relative simplicity of the literature review format, a literature review can become quite lengthy and be well in excess of 100 pages. Examples of literature review papers can be viewed to determine “what does a literature review look like” in an actual physical sense. If you need help with meeting literature review criteria or with structuring the literature review, there are online companies like ours that provide literature review services.

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