Tips on Brand Equity Literature Review

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Brand Equity Literature Review Establishes the Value of Your Paper

When you are writing your literature review on brand perception, you should be able to offer your readers a summary of sources. To maximize the impact of your literature review, you should not only list but also provide both summary and synthesis of your sources. Make sure that prior to writing your brand equity literature review you must also recap the importance of your source which will enable you to establish the credibility and value of your research. You can either give a new interpretation of old materials or offer a new insight of old interpretation and analysis.

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What are Some of The Most Relevant Brand Awareness Literature Review Topics

Brand awareness is the measure of consumers’ understanding of the product qualities of a particular brand. Companies adopt various marketing strategies to create brand awareness among their targeted consumers. To take new ideas of creating brand awareness, companies hire the services of research institutes in the form of research products that are assigned to various students by their supervisors. If you are also one of those students and looking for some awesome topic about brand awareness, you can take help from the following topics.

Brand equality literature review topics, recommended by our professionals:

  1. Measuring Brand Value Is Significant in Many Aspects
  2. Brand Equity Management with Coca Cola Products
  3. Connecting Branding Through Brand Rewired
  4. Brand Equity and Perception
  5. How to Utilize Social Media to Improve Brand Equity?
  6. Aspects of Brand Equity That Convey the Value
  7. Impact of Brand Communication on Brand Equity
  8. Relationship Between Perceived Risk and Brand Equity
  9. Assess Brand Value Before Developing Brand Awareness
  10. Ways to Measure Brand Awareness Among Rural & Urban Regions
  11. Impact of Digital Ad on Brand Awareness
  12. Role of Electronic and Print Media in Brand Awareness
  13. Role of Social Media in Brand Awareness
  14. Factors influencing Brand Awareness among Youngsters and Elders
  15. Brand Awareness: A Powerful Marketing Strategy

Writing a Winning Literature Review on Brand Equity

Depending on the situation, your literature review may need to evaluate the sources or even provide advice to the readers on the most relevant sources. Keep in mind that there might be other authors and researchers that might use your research as a source to ensure the quality of your literature review. The main focus of a winning literature review on brand equity is to synthesize the arguments and main ideas presented by your sources without adding your own contributions. Your literature review basically provides you the extensive guide towards your specific topic so ensure its quality and effectiveness.

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Steps for Writing and Formatting a Literature Review on Brand Awareness

The basic steps of formatting for writing any type of literature review are the same i.e., introduction, body, and conclusion. However, the writing material and selection of reference sources depends upon the topic of research study. In the case of brand awareness, the following steps should be adopted for writing and formatting a literature review on brand awareness:

  • First of all, describe your personal theory or idea of brand awareness that you want to present in the literature review of your research proposal. The theory of your research proposal should be part of the introduction in the literature review.
  • Now, start writing the body of your brand awareness literature review and discuss the existing techniques of brand awareness that are most frequently used by different brands all over the globe. You should support your claims about these existing techniques of brand awareness that have been adopted by famous brands with authentic references. You can get these references by the brand websites or other information materials in the form of research journals or news updates.
  • Now, highlight the flaws and inadequacies in the existing techniques of brand awareness that exert the poor effect on the average sale of the brand. References in the form of sale records of these different brands that are under discussion of your study could play an important role of evidence sources.
  • This is the time to present your own views about improving the sale of brands by means of new brand awareness techniques that you are focusing on your studies. Here, you have to find the relevant sources in the form of research articles published in famous scholarly journals.
  • In conclusion, you should briefly discuss the impact of your research study in terms of applying the new brand awareness technique and relate to the results of previous methods of brand awareness.

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