The Best Evidence Based Practice Topics

Selecting Evidence Based Practice Topics

Choosing a topic to write an evidence based practice paper on is a difficult decision for many but it need not be. To select good evidence based practice topics:

  • Focus on a common clinical problem rather than something unusual or rare
  • Do some basic searches in areas of particular interest to you
  • Look for areas where practical changes can be made
  • Test your topic using the PICO method of developing a question that is focused and relevant to the topic
  • Research literature to see what exists on the topic.

There is a tendency for those writing their first evidence based practice paper to over-think topic selection. If all else fails, do a search on one of the healthcare sites by entering PICO and student, to get many potential topics to write on through the search results.

The Best Evidence Based Practice Topics

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How to Write an EBP Paper

Writing an evidence based paper will consist of the following five steps:

  • Assess the patient – This is defining the particular problem that you desire to address from those evidence based practice topics available to you.
  • Construct a clinical question derived from the case – Questions are most often constructed using the PICO method. PICO stands for a Patient problem, Intervention considered Comparison with alternatives and Outcome you hope to achieve. Using these 4 elements a question that is focused and relevant should be formulated.
  • Select appropriate resources and conduct a search.
  • Appraise the evidence for its validity and applicability – Criteria for accepting and rejecting sources should be formed and the best evidence selected based on the strength of the evidence and how practical it is to apply.
  • Write the paper – A fairly standard format that is often used consists of:

Introduction – Define the topic and purpose of the paper

Methods – Briefly cover how literature research was conducted and what selection criteria was used

Discussion – Covers the topic including controversies, recent developments, and other relevant information

References – Bibliographic information for all resources used.

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Evidence Based Practice Topics for You to Choose

Are you looking for the best evidence based practice topics for your paper?   We’ve compiled a list for you! The following are the top 50 topics now.

  1. Low Density Lipoproteins: Reduction: Roles of Coenzyme Q10
  2. Depression and Aromatherapy
  3. Opioid Addiction: Is Buprenorphine the Cure?
  4. Antidepressants and  Bipolar Disorder
  5. Anorexic Patients: Effects of Antidepressant Use
  6. Lab Psg for Osa-1 Versus Cat Home
  7. Prophylactic Antibiotics and Copd
  8. Statin Drug Therapy and Pharmacogenetic Testing
  9. What Is the Risk of Bleeding after Femoral Percutaneous Coronary Catheterization?
  10. Hyperaldosteronism and Spironolactone

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Download more evidence based practice topics! 

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