Literature Review on Domestic Violence Writing

Topics such as literature review on teenage pregnancy, domestic violence lit review. etc. are tricky to write. But in any research paper, a literature review serves as a crucial part of your study as this provides your readers clear and concise descriptions of the literature relevant to domestic violence.  Your literature review on domestic violence should offer a critical evaluation of the literature in order for you to better the understanding of your topic. In order for your literature review to be effective, you should have a great grasp of your topic. It will be your personal choice on how many sources you will use in your literature review on domestic violence. This could range from 20 to 50 titles depending on the level of difficulty and the number of minimum number of references.

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Why Should You Write a Good Literature Review Domestic Violence?

Your literature review on domestic violence is an overview of the field of inquiry: this encompasses what is said on your research, the key contributors and principal theories, ideas and hypothesis and lastly determine the questions asked. A literature review is very important given that this also offers readers the methodologies used and which approaches are feasible and helpful.

Suggested lit review topics on domestic violence:

  1. Child Abuse and Elder Abuse
  2. Law and Domestic Violence in Different Countries of the World
  3. Understudies Areas Within Domestic Violence Research
  4. Religious and Cross-Cultural Perspectives
  5. Correlation to Theoretical Perspectives to Domestic Violence
  6. Victims of Domestic Violence and Its Lifetime Effects
  7. Social Learning Theory and Family Violence
  8. Control Balance Theory and Domestic Violence
  9. Child Abuse: A Global Perspective That Suffered Many Lives to the Date
  10. Legal Issues for Battered Women
  11. Negligence – a Silent but Killing Type of Domestic Violence
  12. Physical Abuse – a Non-Tolerable but Existing Form of Domestic Violence
  13. Protection Laws Against Domestic Violence and Level of Implementation  in Developing Countries
  14. What Are Fatality Risk Factors in Domestic Violence
  15. Restoration and Economic Justice for Victims of Domestic Violence

A good literature review will show how relevant ideas fit well into your own research and the similarities and differences with these kinds of literature with your own.

How To Find Good Resources For Literature Review Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is not a new topic but it will be difficult to find old literature about it because in the past people were not used to writing to speak or particularly write about it. However, with the growing awareness now a lot of information and data is available on domestic violence.

  • A lot of non-governmental organizations are working for the abatement of domestic violence. They regularly publish their journals, with the latest development and law enforcement on domestic violence, so that can be useful for you.
  • Social media forums are actively working for creating awareness and many agencies are publishing data on the websites and social media forums, you can use that too if it is relevant to your topic.
  • Books are also available on domestic violence, which is easily available in the sociology section of the library.
  • You can find a lot of published materials in social journals and different articles in newspapers and magazines as well.

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Tips on How to Write a Literature Review on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious crime and lots of researches are carried out on this social issue to discourage its rate all over the world. Writing the literature review on domestic violence is tricky. Here are few tips on writing and formatting literature review.

  • Search different forums for the collection of data. Use as many resources as you can. Online sources, published data and any other source. But make sure, you collect the relevant information only.
  • Make sure you collect the references as well, without reference the information will not have any worth.
  • Arrange the data in proper order, according to your topic, it will give a good impression to the reader.
  • After collecting data, start the formatting. Ask your supervisor about the style of formatting.
  • Formatting of title, heading, paragraphs, and references should be according to that format.
  • The length of the literature review should also be according to the requirements of your institution.
  • After formatting, you need to edit the literature review on alcohol or any other topic of domestic violence. Read the entire text carefully and edit it properly.
  • Final review should be proofread by someone else, to make it error free.

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