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Literature Review on Consumer Behaviour: Refine Research Problems

Writing a literature review for a research paper is an important part of your research paper as this involves a great deal of analysis and understanding. Your literature review on consumer behaviour basically serves as the backbone of your research especially that you will be presenting literature within your scope. To guarantee the quality of your lit review, make sure that you allocate time to prepare and organize the content of your lit review. You should also take a look at a good sample of literature reviews to understand how you should format your work. Remember that your literature review on consumer behaviour does not only focus on showcasing your credible researches regarding consumer behaviour but this also refines the problems and issues of the research.

Most Relevant Topics for Literature Review on Consumer Behaviour

Today, production, design and amount of goods are based on consumer behaviour. Companies expend a huge amount of studying consumer behaviour especially at the start of every new season. They produce their products according to changing needs and changing trends of consumers. There are lots of factors that exert the direct effect on consumer behaviour and many research studies try to find new factors that influence the behaviour of customers. In all educational institutes where business management school is performing research studies, a larger number of students are convinced to find some innovative topic on consumer behaviour. For all those students, who are getting some problem in finding a good topic to write literature review on consumer behaviour, following are some inspirational topics:

  • Study of consumer behaviour to adopt common cultural trends
  • Method of reaching subconscious of the consumer about the choice of product
  • Comparative study of consumer regret and unplanned purchase
  • Modern entrepreneurship and its moral skirmish
  • Development stages of marketing and their influence on consumer behaviour
  • Study of changes in consumer behaviour with different age group
  • Study of consumer behaviour during gift shopping and personal shopping

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Maximize Quality with Review of Literature on Consumer Buying Behaviour

An effective review of the literature on consumer buying behaviour will help open new doors for better researches and thus your lit review should be able to seek new lines on inquiry. In order for you to avoid unnecessary approaches, you should instead focus on primary sources. Your readers should also gain your methodological insights as to attain the same results in performing similar research and tests. Lastly, a well-written literature review on consumer behaviour will definitely provide recommendations that will further the development and progress of your topic. Here are some steps to follow when writing your lit review:

  • Choose some innovative proposal on consumer behaviour. This proposal or topic of your thesis should not coincide with some existing research theme, otherwise, it will be counted into plagiarism. This portion will be the introduction of your lit review in which you have to present the theme of your proposal.
  • After that, you are expected to defend the idea of your proposed research work. To defend the idea, you have to expose the gaps and lacking of existing techniques that are being used to measure consumer behaviour. However, only writing the flaws of present methods are not good enough, you have to prove your claim with authentic evidence or reference sources. The story does not end here. Now you have to explain the reason behind the selection of that particular research topic. On the basis of gaps that you have already presented, you can justify the need of your research proposal. To support your idea, try to include some reference sources that have been published already and have the ability to explain all point of your opinion.
  • In the last part of the lit review, you have to make a perfect conclusion in the light of all references that have been included in the middle part of lit review. Here, you should present your idea as an effective technique of measuring consumer behaviour in comparison to previously used methods.

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