Literature Review on Advertising Effectiveness

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Writing a Winning Literature Review on Advertising Effectiveness

Your literature review essay is one of the most important parts of your research paper as this helps establishes the relevance of your paper. There are many things that you need to cover in your lit review especially that this will serve as the backbone in your research. Before writing your literature review on advertising effectiveness, you should be able to determine which sources are the best to establish the value of your research. It is also essential that you discover new and important variables which will pave way for better understanding on the impact of your research.

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Advertising Effectiveness Review of Literature: How to Make it Work

To guarantee the quality of your literature review on advertising effectiveness, you should be able to offer a new perspective and approach. This way, your research will stand out from others in which will help you differentiate your study and open new doors for better research. A winning advertising effectiveness review of literature must rationalize the importance of the problem and how to solve this. Given that you will be choosing the right sources, you should relate both yours and other researcher’s ideas and theories to applications. Your literature review on advertising effectiveness must place your research in a historical context which will show the extent of your understanding with its progress.

Most Relevant Topics for Advertising Effectiveness Literature Review

No one can deny the effectiveness of advertisement for the growth of any business. Among all publicity techniques, advertisement through print media, electronic media or social media play the most effective role to raise any business up to the sky limits. If any student is writing the thesis or dissertation about advertisement effectiveness, the literature review presents the summary of sources that have been used in support of a thesis or dissertation topic. However, finding a good but relevant topic for advertising effectiveness literature review is not an easy job. Students, who are facing difficulties in finding such a relevant topic for writing the literature review on advertising effectiveness, can take an idea from following an example APA style literature review:

  1. Effect of internet appearance on advertisement process
  2. A brief history of advertisement and factors influencing the modern advertisement techniques
  3. How NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) has improved the traditional advertisement?
  4. How mechanisms of advertisement convince the customers to buy the product?
  5. Most famous advertisement tricks to manipulate the consumer
  6. Most stylistic idiosyncrasies of advertisements and their effect on business growth
  7. Impact of advertisement on children psychology

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A Short Guide to Write and Format a Literature Review on Advertising

The advertising effectiveness review of literature can be divided into three main parts; introduction, body, and conclusion. Let’s see how to write and format these three parts of the literature review:


The purpose of the introduction is presenting the topic of your thesis or dissertation in front of readers. To write the introduction, it is necessary to take care of following guidelines about the format of introduction for literature review on advertising:

  • Write a transitory definition of your research topic. It should also highlight the problems and questions that you are going to address
  • Now include the range of literature that indicates the specific trends, gaps in the previous research, conflicts in the area of the research area and a new approach
  • It looks professional to point out any literature that you have intentionally excluded from your review along with the reason behind its exclusion
  • You must include the reason for choosing the particular literature that you have written in the review
  • You should also provide information on ease or difficulty in finding the proper sources as per your field or subject area


The body for literature review on advertising consists of a discussion about sources. In this portion, you can support the arguments with evidences in the form of facts and opinion:

  • You have to choose the format of literature review according to its type. It could be in chronological, Methodological or Thematic
  • Critically analyze each source, including its methodology and concluding statement
  • Highlight all the mistakes and limitations of each source that are being analyzed
  • Connect the sources with your area of research to ensure the reader understanding


Conclusion consists of the following main points:

  • A summary that should be based on the key findings of the review
  • A summary of common points between the research topic and outside relevant sources
  • A proper justification and defense of your research proposal

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