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literature review abstract sample

Check This Literature Review Essay Sample

Creating a literature review essay is a very useful graphic technique which helps you visualize the connections and relative relationships between things. Mapping shows the connections between different lit and might help identify issues such as proximity and connections in terms of ideas and results. After analyzing an article or some other texts using critical methods, mapping the papers could show how it fits into other texts that have already been analyzed. Literary mapping includes the definition of key concepts in the papers and how each article or piece of material fits into this general conceptual map.

literature review map help

After identifying papers with similar topics, a literature review essay example is useful for identifying:

  • Areas of agreement between different authors.
  • Areas of disagreement between the authors.
  • The reasons for the different views are held by different authors.

There are various types. The type of atlases you create will depend on the concept or topic you want to focus on. However, the basics of bookish mapping are the same.

literature review map sample

Main Steps You Should Follow

  1. Start with a central idea or topic. If it is too narrow, you will limit the number of links between the text you might create. A revision map may be for an entire topic, or for only one area or argument.
  2. Write down all the words and phrases which come to mind in connection with the topic. They might use search terms to study relevant fields. Use the branches to connect the main idea and those moments that you develop that are related to the main theme.
  3. Add keywords for partners. Once you have a connecting branch, add a keyword to it explaining the relationship of ideas/points of view which are related.
  4. Extend your initial ideas with more branches and nodes. Starting with one basic idea, related ideas have been associated with it. These related ideas/points, in turn, give rise to other points which, although not directly related to the original concept, influence it.
  5. Group ideas/points/links in different ways. Depending on the type of literature review essay sample created, try grouping the relevant information in various ways depending on the type of relationship.

literature review abstract sample

There are several ways to create a revision format, and people form their own preferences. Sometimes creating more than one atlas using different methods could provide a new perspective which helps. If you need help writing a revision or don’t know how to write literature review essay, feel free to check out the revision or contact us immediately.

Literate Map: For What Purposes?

A literate guide is a graphical method which provides a structured way to focus on various elements, such as action, setting, atmosphere, or mood. It could be structured to reflect those accents which are most applicable to the study. One type of layouts is an individuality guide. It also helps students understand the characteristics of the process.

character map literature help

Making a Good Mapping

There are several ways to create it. A display may focus on his appearance, personality, speech, thoughts, feelings, actions and interactions with other objects, or any combination thereof. Below is one way to build a layout in five steps:

  1. Identify personality. Write the name in the circle in the middle of the sheet of paper. Usually, it will be one of the main personas, or at least a figure who has a great influence on the story.
  2. Qualities of the main figure. Write down the various qualities which a person possesses in separate circles around the character’s name and associate them with the persona. Characteristics and qualities might be associated with the appearance, his emotional state, moral views, thoughts, or something else which is part of the personality.
  3. Add evidence to the personality’s concept format. Write individual evidence in rectangular boxes around the feature. Sometimes evidence might support more than one individual and could be related to both.
  4. Examine the individual card for changes. In many stories, what happens in the course of events when an individual is displayed happens. This can lead to inconsistencies in the character plan. The characteristics which were present at the beginning may no longer correspond to who the person is at the end. In some cases, this is the essence of the story, while in others it may be random.

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