How to Write Literature Review on Mobile Banking

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Make a Top Quality Literature Review on Mobile Banking

Many are having difficulty in writing their literature review mainly because of its level of complexity that demands expertise and a proper grasp of the topic. In writing your literature review on mobile banking, make sure that you allot time in order to go over all the necessary bases. Do not procrastinate as this could compromise the quality of your literature review. Prior to writing your literature review on mobile banking, you should recognize your primary sources and the best materials that will build up the relevance of your research. In addition, you may find more information about the literature review on poverty by visiting our site or checking our literature review UAE.

Most Relevant Topics on Mobile Banking Literature Review

Mobile banking is a not very old filed. If you are thinking about writing the literature review on mobile banking, you will not be able to find old references as the field is quite new. Here are few relevant topics, which can give you an idea. You can change them according to your interest.

  • Mobile banking and related security issues
  • Mobile banking and its impact on the customers’ life
  • How mobile banking is affecting conventional banking
  • Is mobile banking fulfilling customers’ requirements?
  • Age group of Mobile banking users
  • Mobile banking apps – security is the main concern
  • Trends of mobile banking during the past five years
  • Mobile banking – helping in tracking the financial record
  • Mobile banking – factors influencing the use
  • Mobile banking and safety concerns
  • Revolutionary mobile banking in developing countries

How To Find Good Resources For Your Literature Review of Mobile Banking?

When you start your research about the mobile banking literature review, you cannot find it in old books. You have to find some latest sources. For instance, you can find some online journals, who publish data and new researches about the mobile banking. E-journals and e-books might help in this regard. Another source of your information can be the companies, who offer mobile banking services for their customers. They publish their newsletters and other similar things, which can provide you with relevant material.

You can find some social media forums too. People share their opinion about different mobile banks and their services, you can find some useful links there. You can also find some relevant forums, which help users to learn new technologies like mobile banking. People having common interests share their knowledge there, you can get some information and ask for the help too. Other than these, conventional sources, like published books, journals and articles are also available and provide useful information.

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Tips on How to Write and Format a Literature Review on Mobile Banking

There are a lot of aspects that you need to consider when it comes to writing your literature review, especially that this will serve as the backbone to your research. In your mobile banking literature review, you should address not only the good side of your study but also potential issues and gaps. This way, you are able to address the areas that need further research. You should also be able to show how your research can effectively relate to previous studies. A well-written literature review on mobile banking will basically demonstrate how your research relates to the literature used in general. Formatting and writing a literature review of mobile banking is not an easy job. You have to be very careful and editing is needed many times. Here are few tips for your help:

  • Collect the relevant material and use one which is closely related to your work
  • Edit the data and cite proper references
  • Proper arrangement of data in logical order is also very necessary
  • Formatting according to prescribed style is very essential
  • Formatting of headings, titles, subtitles, paragraphs, references etc. should be properly done
  • Revise, revise, revise, yes, you have to revise your literature review many times. You will find a new mistake every time

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Mobile banking is a new field and you might not be able to find relevant literature review on mobile banking. Don’t worry contact and forget all your worries!