How to Write Literature Review on Marketing

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Understanding the Main Components of Literature Review on Marketing

When making a research paper about marketing, the most important parts is your literature review. With the help of a winning literature review on marketing, you can maximize the relevance of your paper as this serve as the backbone of your research. It is crucial that you are able to refine the problem and arguments of your research and your literature review on marketing is the best method for you to provide your readers new lines of inquiry. For quality literature review on marketing or literature review on marketing strategy, you should be able to avoid unnecessary approaches instead focus on analyzing the primary sources.

Review of Literature in Marketing: Backbone to your Research

Start early when you are writing your literature review on marketing as this helps you address all relevant aspects of your paper. Remember that aside from providing your readers fruitful insight on important variables, you should also offer recommendations that will prove essential for those who want to conduct further research. Your literature review on marketing research is therefore the best way for you to differentiate what needs to be done and what has been done. In crafting your lit review, make sure that you check for any errors from grammar mistakes to plagiarism.

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What Are Some of The Most Relevant Topics For Marketing

If you are a student of marketing, you must be aware that marketing topics are not like the other topics. They should be related to the goods, services, and people too. Here is a list of some relevant topics for marketing.

  • How to make a strategy to enter the emerging market
  • Impact of consumer awareness on brand loyalty
  • Impact on packing on the popularity of the brand
  • Change in customer behavior in the mega stores of different countries
  • Impact of banking facilities of marketing of different products
  • A comparison of local and international banks, in terms of banking services.
  • Changes in cooking behavior of women with the status of their occupation
  • Consumer taste preference and brand image
  • The recession and its effects on advertising

These are just few topics, just to give an idea. You can find many more. Try to focus on your interest and get the guidance from your supervisor.
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Tips on How to Write and Format a Literature Review

Writing and formatting of literature review on marketing is not an easy task. You have to be very specific and stick to the topic. Following are few tips, which can help you to write and format your digital marketing literature review.

  • Focus on your topic: Try to find the most relevant data. You can find a large number of researches related to your topic, but you have to choose the closest one. The literature review should create a link between the past researches and your research.
  • Edit literature: Once you collected all the literature, read all of that carefully. Remove all that data for which you cannot find a proper reference, or which is not clearly related to your research.
  • Arrange collected literature: Now arrange the literature according to the topic of your research. For example, to write the literature review on marketing research, you have to collect and arrange references related to marketing.
  • Select one formatting style: there are different formatting styles, followed all over the world. Ask your supervisor about the formatting style and stick to that throughout the literature review.

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