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Want to get an answer on how to do literature review for dissertation? To ensure the quality of your literature review, it is important that you understand its purpose and its main focus. Throughout the process of conducting your study, you will need to research information and data that will enable you to establish the relevance of your paper. The main goal of your literature review about tourism is to showcase the ideas, theories and even applications of other researchers in order to improve the understanding of your topic. Your literature review about tourism should make way for the innovative perspective that will maximize better ideas in furthering the research about tourism.

Most Relevant Topics for Literature Review About Tourism

Tourism has become one of the largest revenue generation industries of every country. That’s why countries are more focusing on making the magnificent skyscrapers and generating the weird recreational activities to attract the tourists from all over the globe. Today, the world is a global village and nothing is hidden in any part of the globe from the eyes of tourism loving person thanks to the internet. To make new ideas about creating the tourist attractions, governments encourage the research institutes to engage the research students in making some innovative ideas of creating attractions to boost the tourism industry of the country. For all those students who want to do research in the tourism development program, the following are some inspirational topics for review of literature on tourism:

  • Is the tourism industry has become a backbone of country’s economy worldwide?
  • Impact of the tourism industry on the economy of any country
  • Is tourism dangerous or healthy in Old Age
  • Modern and inspirational trends of tourism
  • Unnoticed tourism places all over the globe
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How To Find Good Resources For Review of Literature on Tourism

In order for you to successfully construct an effective review of literature on tourism or literature review on marketing, you should be able to maintain a coherent and logical succession of ideas. Summarize the main results of your study in brief sentences and offer a short synthesized description of their ideas and theories. Unlike other educational research methodologies, it is not very difficult to find the resources for literature review about tourism:

  • Besides finding the tourism articles in famous research journals, students can also use the published travel guides as a resource of references. These travel guides have been published by tourism department of every country’s government to guide the tourists about attractions of that country.
  • Furthermore, there are many authors who write the stories of their own travel and share their tourism experiences with the people in the form of books. These books could also be used as a resource for research material.
  • The third resource is scholarly journals in which published research articles are always a good resource of research material for the students who want to write literature review on tourism.

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Tips to Write and Format a Literature Review of Tourism

Make sure that you determine which materials work best in your research especially that your literature review about tourism is a crucial factor in the overall quality of your paper. Your literature review about tourism should be cohesive, short and direct to the point especially that other researchers will also make use of your lit review to further their own research. Following are some tips to write and format a literature review of tourism:

  • To write the lit review on tourism, finding the authentic reference sources is the mandatory condition. However, the authentic references can only be obtained from reputed scholarly journals or tourism books of famous authors. News from some trustworthy source is also a good reference source.
  • After collection of valid and reliable references, explain your own theme of introducing some innovative idea about the development of tourism in any country. If you will be succeeded in finding some breaches in already adopting tourism development techniques, you can justify these gaps by means of some authentic references.
  • To format the literature review, it is necessary to understand the standard formatting options such as line spacing, margins, paragraphing etc. However, it is always better to hire the services of some professionals to write and format the lit review ion better way.

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