How to Write a Nursing Literature Review

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The literature review of your dissertation is considered to be one of the most important parts of your paper. Nursing is equally to literature review on mental health complex task. Many students find this process to be difficult mainly because they lack the skills and expertise to ensure that their nursing literature review is top notch. If you do not know how to write a nursing literature review, here are simple tips and tricks that you should always remember:

  • The most important part of writing your literature review is by choosing the best nursing literature review topics that interest you.
  • After selecting nursing literature review topics, make sure that you discuss your topic. The discussion will allow you to refine questions that might be relevant in your paper.
  • Understand what are the main points of your nursing literature review as this will help you address is the purpose.
  • Your nursing literature review is the foundation of a winning dissertation. You should be able to refine the research problem and also come up with new lines of inquiry.
  • An effective nursing literature review should also offer its readers with the vital insights of the methodological process your dissertation.
  • Also, be sure that you can identify areas of your research that are weak, this way, you can provide recommendations for further research.
  • It is also vital that your nursing literature review can discover relevant variables and give out a new perspective into your topic.

Advice on How to Write a Nursing Literature Review

When you write a nursing literature review, you have to be very careful in making the connection of previous researches with your present one. Here are few tips for you to know, how to write a nursing literature review? A nursing literature review can be written on a wide range of topics, from very common to very specific. Find the information, which is most relevant to your topic. When you collect literature, make sure you cite the references as well. Without a reference, the information is of no use.

Formatting of the literature review is as important as the quality of the literature. Proper formatting gives the right impression. The style of formatting you follow should be the one recommended by your institution. Follow the formatting style from titles to paragraphs, don’t switch between the formatting styles. Margin lines and line spacing should also be kept in mind.

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Most Relevant Nursing Literature Review Topics

Nursing is one of the highest paid jobs in the world. If you are studying it as a subject, you have to select the topic carefully. Here are few relevant topics, which can give you an idea.

You can modify these nursing literature review topics according to your own choice:

  • Brain injuries and rehabilitation strategies
  • Different types of sprains in athletes and their causes
  • Benefits of whole grains in the diets of patients
  • Exercise and its impact on mental health
  • Use of pet therapy for the improvement in Autistic children
  • Health needs of elderly people after a natural disaster
  • Health care reforms during the last decade
  • Role of social media in nursing practices
  • How nursing can support patients of brain cancer
  • Types and causes of a headache and help of nursing staff
  • How nursing staff can help diabetic patients
  • Immunization and nursing – makes a healthy society together
  • How nursing can help spinal cord injuries patients?
  • Role of nursing in providing first aid to heart failure patients
  • Eating disorders and nursing help
  • Women health’s nursing and impact on society

How to Find Good Resources for Nursing Literature Review?

It is very difficult to find relevant material for nursing students. The information is not easily available on every forum. Here are few tips to find good resources for research.

  • You can find relevant information in the nursing journals. They publish the latest researches and findings, which can be of your interest.
  • Different online sources also have nursing information, you can search the internet for relevant information.
  • Websites of different hospitals also publish their blogs. You can visit them regularly for the information.
  • Depending on your topic, you can find some books in local and online libraries as well.

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