How to Write a Literature Review on Customer Satisfaction

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Key Points in Writing Review of Literature on Customer Satisfaction

Many people make use of literature review in order to properly analyze a specific topic without the need to conduct extensive research as this offers quality argument on key points. Despite the importance of writing a review of literature on customer satisfaction, it can be a stressful task especially when you have start from scratch. There are many things that you must consider when writing your review of literature on customer satisfaction, this must be able to showcase your expertise and understanding of the topic. You need to start early and allocate enough time to research, analyze, organize and synthesize information to create a winning literature review.  But if you have limited timeframe and not sure of crafting quality work, you can get professional help with literature review as well.

Importance in Properly Writing a Review of Literature on Customer Satisfaction

Writing a review of literature on customer satisfaction is most significant not only to academic institutions but companies that are looking for the best solutions to improve the satisfaction of their clients. It is necessary for any research papers to have a strong foundation of relevant data hence the importance of writing a literature review. If you have limited knowledge and experience in writing a review of literature on customer satisfaction, there are online solutions that can provide you leverage to accomplish a winning paper. Remember that your literature review should be unique, original and non-plagiarized as this is often used as references by many researchers.

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Most Relevant Topics for Customer Satisfaction Literature Review

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate aim of every company and to fulfill this aim in a better way, companies assign lots of research projects to the famous institute. These companies are major funding bodies of research institutes and this is why teachers encourage students to choose a research topic regarding customer satisfaction. To make a new research topic, students study the existing techniques for customer satisfaction, find the gaps and limitations in these methods and suggest new methods with the support of literature sources that they collect from various resources such as research journals, books, and internet. For all these students who are trying to find some awesome research topic for review of literature on customer satisfaction, the following are some examples:

  1. Evaluation of relationship between product quality and customer satisfaction
  2. Difference between Online and Offline Analysis of Customer Satisfaction
  3. Assessment of web-customer satisfaction: An expectation and disconfirmation approach
  4. An experiential analysis of customer satisfaction
  5. Approach to amplified customer satisfaction in a services retrieval setting
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Short Guide To Write and Format a Customer Satisfaction Literature Review

Writing and formatting a customer satisfaction literature review are two different things. The format is the structure of literature review that comprises introduction, body, and conclusion. However, what to write in these parts of literature review, this is the matter of writing skills and vast experience. Let’s have a look at writing and formatting rules of the literature review:

  • In the introduction part, first of all, focus on the precise research problem of your thesis or dissertation.
  • Decide the type of literature review before writing it such as chronological, methodical, etc.
  • You have to be very conscious while choosing the literature or publications that you want to use in your review. It must be relevant to your study and contain positive or negative remarks about your own idea.
  • Don’t stick on getting the literature from research journals only. Expand the area of research and consult the relevant books and news as well.
  • Instead of writing a simple summary, try to do a critical analysis of all the literature material that you have collected from various resources.
  • Most of the students ignore the literature that goes against their views or ideas. Well, if you have found literature that critically examine your ideas, must include it in your reference list to raise the worth and quality of your literature.
  • Make sure that the information you have included in the literature review is informative for the readers.

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