How to Write a Literature Review of Business Ethics

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First Things First in Your Literature Review on Business Ethics

When you start looking for review subjects, look for literature review thesis example lists to help you begin your journey. The right ethical behavior topic is the first hurdle. The subject you pick needs to be one that you are passionate about. Your writing will be more clearly expressed if you are interested in your business ethics topic to begin with.

Key Questions for an Integrative Lit Review Outline

When an integrative lit review outline is followed, you have a research method that involves gathering and blending the business ethics topic with the existing available evidence. This should be a seamless process. The less choppy, the better. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What point should the review be able to make?
  • How can the review emphasize on the best rules of conduct in business ethics?
  • How can the review unveil problems faced when ethics are breached?
  • What steps can be taken to avoid loss of business due to poor ethical behavior?

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Strategies for Writing a Business Ethics Literature Review

A literature review on professional ethics should be able to shed light on deficiencies in corporate structure. To have a business succeed, each individual employee, from intern to CEO, needs to be aware of ethical behavior at all times. Every possible step in regard to corporate ethics should be followed one hundred percent of the time when business is concerned.

A good strategy for writing a literature review on business ethics is to choose a structural deficiency that might benefit from more research. When your research fills a gap in the scholarship, it will be much easier to explain its value to others. Choosing a good topic is key, as is writing a detailed research question. Make sure to examine sample literature reviews in your field for ideas on things like method, structure, and analytic approaches.

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List of Good Topics for a Literature Review on Business Ethics

To shed light on the subject of corporate ethics in the business ethics writing literature review you are preparing, there are fantastic topics you can find online. Here are a few such topics:

  1. How do rules of conduct affect businesses
  2. How does it affect production when you mix work with play
  3. What role does integrity play in the business setting
  4. What are business ethics
  5. How have moral values changed through the years, and how do they affect business behavior
  6. How does attention to ethics in a workplace setting affect productivity
  7. How does an individual’s stress affect business ethics
  8. What are good ways to improve on business ethics standardization
  9. What policies will correct lacking business ethical behavior
  10. How can good ethical behavior examples change worker confidence

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Types of Literature Reviews

There are a number of different types of literature reviews that might help in organizing the message you want to convey. It’s important to choose the right one for your discipline and subject area when formatting a good literature review. The types of literature reviews include:

  • Argumentative review: This type examines the topic selectively in order to support or deny the topic you choose. With this review type, you can collect a body of literature that shows comparisons from many points of view. This type of review can come close to an opinion, so to avoid a personal bias in the topic, you might want to avoid this type of review.
  • Integrative review: This is a type of review that will portray critical thinking regarding your topic and can build new perspectives. This can convey clarity to your review in regard to your topic.
  • Historical review: Historical reviews can examine how time has changed regarding theories, concepts, or issues over a period of time, and how changes in society have contributed to the changes in the topic for the review.
  • Methodological review: A review may not always focus on what an individual or group said, but rather, how it was said (what method they took to expound upon the topic). This type of review can include data collection based on analyses that highlight specific topics, sampling, or interviewing.
  • Systematic review: This type of review involves making an overview of existing evidence which can identify and appraise the research relevant to the topic chosen for the review. This can give a cause-and-effect system to include specific information and how it affects both sides of the topic being reviewed.
  • Theoretical review: This type of review gives the chance to identify and examine the specifics of the topic of the review, singling out issues, concepts, or perhaps theories about the topic. This type of review establishes what reviews have already established and how they are able to can expound upon the current reviews. The review can establish new information missing from the existing theories given in previous reviews – applying information on the original reviews that did not cover the entire topic. This type of review can focus on either a theoretical concept or include an entirely different theory about the same topic.

How To Find Good Resources for Your Research

Resources for a good review can be found through online research or through journals and research books. A good way to approach selecting a review topic would be to investigate using online sources to give a large source of topics that might widen your choices. Another key place to look at journals in your field; university libraries usually subscribe to all of the top scholarly journals in each field of study, and can help you find any number of peer-reviewed articles on your chosen topic.

With a wider source of topics, there is a better chance that your topic will be more unique to the choices other people make within the same general classification you are working on. Your business ethics review can include an unlimited source to help you along when you work with experts in the review writing field. Also, it could be helpful to compare your review with samples from other fields, for example, computer science literature review.

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