Finance Literature Review: Do’s and Don’Ts

Summarize and Synthesize Literature Review

If you’ve ever been required to write a literature review, you may be wondering what it is. You might have heard terms like “important information of the source” and “credibility of the writer” tossed around. This can be a little bit confusing the first time you encounter it. A literature isn’t quite like any other type of academic paper. It’s unique. So if you’ve never written one before, it’s understandable to feel a little bit confused. A literature review is a systematic look at all the literature available on a certain topic. It helps you understand the state of the field and synthesize information to decide what’s still left to be discovered. You might need to write one to help you better understand a field, it`s better to use literature review paper sample for the first time writing. You will almost certainly be required to write one if you’re writing an original research paper. They help you figure out the gaps into which you’ll write, so they’re a crucial part of doing your own research.

Your Finance Literature Review

Finance is a field full of fun facts. It’s not the one people generally think of when they hear the word fun, but you might be surprised! For instance, according to Investing Answers, the Amsterdam stock exchange first listed shares in 1602! That’s over four hundred years of trading, so finance as a field has plenty of history behind it. The Dutch East India company was the first stock you could buy shares in, paying an 18% annual dividend. In the realm of the modern world, the largest privately held company is Cargill, Inc with revenues of $110 billion annually. This would be in the top twenty companies in the Fortune 500 if it was public.scientific literature review example

Literature Review on Finance Example

How do you write a finance literature review? Check out our list of do’s and don’ts to get you on your way.


  • Analyze: when you’re writing a literature review, you want to go beyond just talking about what the source says. You want to discuss the validity of what it says and how it will help create a better picture.
  • Choose a topic you like: writing a literature review is much easier if you’re writing about something you enjoy! Something you want to write will generally be something other people want to read.
  • Create an outline: an outline will help you stay organized and tidy when you’re writing your draft. It keeps you on track and reduces the number of drafts you will need.
  • Create a narrative: tell a little bit of a story when you write your paper. It will make it easier to read and write.
  • Choose good sources: you’re only as good as the people you cite, so you want to make sure you’re reflected well in their work. We’ll discuss this later.


  • Summarize: don’t give a summary for every single source. Instead, pluck out the facts and takeaways that you want, discussing the most important part of each.
  • Go too broad or narrow: it’s important to choose your topic in a smart way. It should be broad enough to provide sources, but not so broad you can’t narrow it down.
  • Fail to proofread: typos don’t look good on anyone, so remember to check your writing.
  • Get caught up in one source: you need to investigate all your sources, so give equal time to those of equal importance.
  • Use fragmented facts: you need to pull pieces from each paper, but don’t just plonk them down. Weave them in with the others using comparison and contrast.

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Corporate Finance Literature Review

The most important thing for your literature review is good sources. You’ll have to find info that’s up to date, well-written, and from a peer-reviewed source. How can you do that?

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Go to your school’s library, JSTOR, and Google Scholar. These have search settings that let you search for peer-reviewed only and for full-text articles only.
  • Check out Google Books. Not every book has the whole text available, but some have full chapters, and you might not need the whole book if only a chapter deals with your specific topic.
  • You can use Wikipedia… If you’re smart about it. Don’t cite Wikipedia directly, obviously, but a great way to find sources is to check the citations in the article and find what sources it’s using. Usually, these will be solid ones, like books and papers. You can then check them out for yourself and see what they say!
  • Choose recent sources if at all possible. Some fields haven’t been explored lately, so you may have to compromise, but in general, your rule should be that anything fifteen years old or older is outdated. You can make limited use of them – but only limited.

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Finance Literature Review Help

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Literature Review on Finance Topics

Literature reviews in finance or lit review South Africa can help you figure out the state of your field and teach you better analytical skills. You’ll be able to learn more about finance than you could just by reading, thanks to the synthesizing nature of these types of assignments. We’ll help you out, so don’t be scared of your lit review. Embrace it and learn!

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