Fascinating Literature Review Outline Example

A Basic Literature Review Outline Example

A literature review dissertation usually follows a fairly basic format that is familiar to many students. As part of the organization process, writing literature review outline drafts is useful in helping decide how you present information, and it serves as a guide to follow when writing the review of literature part.

The following is a basic literature review outline example:

  1. A brief introduction of the topic and discussion of its significance. It should include a thesis statement and if part of a larger work, explain the importance of the review to the research question.
  2. Body – Describing the first main idea of the topic.
  3. Stating the first supporting point including evidence or examples.
  4. Stating the second supporting point with evidence or example.
  5. Body – Describing the second main idea.
  6. Stating the first supporting point including evidence or examples.
  7. Stating the second supporting point with evidence or example. Continue adding main ideas in the body until all that needs to be covered has been outlined.
  8. Conclusion – Summary of the writers conclusions about the literature and an explanation of what their analysis leads them to conclude about the state of the literature.

The above can serve as a literature review outline template for most lit reviews with slight changes. A systematic literature review outline is one that would require a larger degree of modification. In addition, you may take a look at the example of dissertation structure:

great dissertation structure outline example

Tips for Writing a Literature Review Outline

The outline of the lit review helps in classifying ideas and is a useful check to see where your paper may need to revising and editing. The following are some helpful tips for writing a literature review outline:

  • Identify major themes as these can be used as major headings
  • Look for relationships among ideas and group them as sub-topics, but try and avoid having long lists of sub-topics
  • If you aren’t sure where something belongs put it in two or more places in the outline, and decide later while writing the review which is the best spot
  • Be prepared to revise and edit your outline. It will almost certainly need to be changed more than once during the writing process, and this is normal.

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