Doing Literature Review Management

In order to write a good Literature review management, we should always know that they must follow some rules and a specific structure. As they are really important in certain fields, they must be completely correct and portray an idea that could be later researched further or debated, giving a solution to a problem or just creating questions of importance In the field of management.

A thesis literature review can be found in any field and are written for many reasons, from research articles to funding proposals, guidelines for professional studies, evidence of a practice and research reports or articles. They are often used to satisfy curiosity, but most of them are used to prove the validity of a topic and the importance a study has, working as an introduction to a more complex idea or work on the subject the author chooses.

Types of Literature Review Management

There are different formats of a literature review of financial management; however, the most common are the ones that are used as a secondary data analysis to give approval to more complex works in the fields. Also, depending on the kind of format chosen, the literature can have a totally different meaning and purpose, which is why it is important to know what types can be used on a literature review on management.

Systematic reviews

Systematic reviews are the ones that are used to prove an idea using several other works in the field with results to create a single statistic. This kind of literature reviews works perfectly in management because it can be used as a way to review the effects and risks of a practice, thanks to the precision and power it has at processing different data to create a perfect estimate.

With these reviews, large amounts of data can be synthesized into a small document or work, allowing managers and other people to know the exact implications of data that are being compiled. These are done to avoid having to read a huge amount of reports or documents but doing the same work of giving evidence and importance of a subject.

literature review on management checklist

Secondary data analysis

This type of literature review on management is used to develop a point of research from scratch, without little or lots of information to use. This type of review in literature is very rigorous, work demanding and will need big amounts of information to back up all pertinent works on the field it intends to give an idea to. Secondary data analysis should have a clear purpose and topic, as they are often more specific and at the same uses a more qualitative focus, making it less practical but more objective.

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How Should a Management Literature Review Be Structured

Even when literature reviews depends almost entirely on the writer and the authors, there are some rules to follow in order to make the review be read easily and be more understandable. Also, there are some guidelines that are almost obligatory to follow in any field, as they give the proper use of a literature review on management.

A good literature review should be:

  • Easy to comprehend with evidence of relevant and proved sources
  • All references must be added
  • Selective in the points to make
  • Relevant by creating content of importance in the field of study
  • Must synthesize the ideas of the whole topic
  • Must have a balance between ideas and opinions
  • Critical on the whole purpose of the study and previous ones
  • Should be able to analyze and develop new ideas from the evidence encountered

literature review on management types

To do all this, the review should follow a predesigned structure that would give format and purpose to the whole paper. This structure should be like any other written work on paper, with an introduction, main body, and conclusion, with certain aspects that could change depending on the format.

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Management Literature Review Structure


An introduction should define and introduce a topic by giving an appropriate context to be delivered and later talked about with depth. It should also give all the reasons for the paper and the topic being presented and why it’s the literature so important on the matter. Also, the introduction should give the reason and the scope intended for the review.

Main body

The main body of a literature review on management is the most important part of the paper. This is where all the ideas are going to be explained and talked with depth, always by portraying the importance of the topic that is going to be talked about.

The main body of a literature review should organize the literature, findings, researches, and other ideas into a proper format, in order to make it more understandable by giving a point and without losing any sense.

It should also give an insight or more depth into the subject, providing the differences between other studies or just the importance in the field by giving more specific details about the topic that is being talked about.

literature review steps to producing


The conclusion is the last part of a literature review, in here the author should summarize all other important ideas and topics that were talked previously, giving the purpose and important aspects of everyone to take into account for the research.

In here, the content should also be evaluated, giving a whole new idea of just the final argument for what the review was intended for, by identifying the flaws, gaps or problems with the topic or area in the field, outlining what should matter and what shouldn’t use as a prove previous validated works.


At last but not least, the references of every cited work should be put. The standard format for referencing other works in the work is the date-author method which portrays the author of the work that was cited and the year of publication of the same work.

References work as a way to prove and give the importance of a certain subject in the field, by doing this the author can create a more easy approach to develop an idea, in order to make it easier for the reviewers or desire audience to understand the whole purpose of the work.

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Even when doing a literature review on management can be seen as an easy activity, it actually needs a lot of concentration and sometimes it demands lots of work and effort from the author. That’s why it is also very common to find people who commit several mistakes while writing the paper.

There are mistakes that could be avoided if the author creates a better approach when writing literature reviews:

Backing up work

Backing up all work is always a good practice when writing literature reviews in any field. This will always be helpful because backups can work both as a way to resolve if any of the work is lost and as a way to proofread the document, using it as a draft. Also, backing up all information will help the author to remember all important references, cites, quotes or any other information that was used during the writing of the review.

The use active voice

Most people forget the importance of active when writing any kind of text. Especially when it comes to literature reviews, the active voice comes very handily as it gives an easier way to communicate all ideas and explain a subject with more depth without giving unstructured information.

People tend to forget about active voice while writing literature reviews, this makes the whole work look more like a report or a statistic article than a literature review itself. This is why using active voice is always recommended.

Following a logical structure of content

When writing a literature review on management, the author should always take into account that if he wants to properly explain an idea, the content should follow an understandable structure. This should be done by starting with an introduction, giving depth in the mid part of the work and concluding with objective ideas about the topic in general.

If not, this could cause confusion on the readers and the audience, making the work look less important or just hard to understand, losing its appeal to the reader and interest on the field.

Use a proper language

The language used in the paper should be decent and always formal, the more professional it looks the better it would be. This doesn’t only help the reader to understand better the whole purpose of the study; it can also help at giving depth to the matter and being more specific about a subject.

management literature review format

To do this, the person must always use the most professional language he can, like using Examine instead of “look for” or designed instead of “aimed to”, always writing in 3rd person even if it is to give personal ideas and not using meaningless words like useless adjectives or adverbs. Also, not using contractions is obligatory.

Always write sources on statements or quotes

If the author of a literature review wants to make his work look more professional, all statements he makes about previous studies, works, researchers or reviews in the field should all be backed up with references and quotes of the original author.

When authors forget this rule, their work loses objectivity and validity, while at the same time gives no importance to the topic and can even make the whole paper feel useless.

Be simple

Even when a literature review management must give depth to a subject or topic, the simpler the writing is, the simpler it will be to understand and to give validity. Using complex tenses or verbs to explain an idea can be really harmful to the whole work, so it is better to let it stay simple while still giving the whole idea, making it easier to understand and without losing the interest of the readers.

When authors tend to forget about a simple language, their work can not only look less serious but be seen as an exotic encounter. Using a professional language is important, but not abusing the words and always making it simpler is recommended to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes in semantics.

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Ending of a Management Literature Review

At the end of every literature review medical or management, the researcher should always be proud of what he has encountered. A literature review should always be enlightening, as it should give some more depth to a subject and always talk about specific topics that give importance to certain problems on any field. This should be done without losing readability, using a proper format of producing the work and providing information to the audience that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to obtain.

As this article is written to approach the way to write a literature review on management in a different way, using the same old rules and portraying the same old mistakes, we encourage everyone to follow these rules.

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