10 Most Expensive Literary Prizes 2017

When you review a literature, you are actually reading all of the relevant scholarly paper, articles, books, academic journal, monograph and any other sources. In literature, you are not “reviewing” but you are familiarizing with it and eventually jotting down all the publication information so you can include it in your bibliography. Find all the information you need to know about our literature review writing service. You can check out the samples of our works as well as a literature review map template.

A literary review is important because reading the research that others have already published on your topic and research question will allow them to learn more about it. In the process of doing a literature review will improve your understanding and doing it may expose you to different viewpoints on your research question. Doing a review is fun and some literary prizes will inspire you.

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A piece of advice for better literary review: “Organize the literature review into sections that present themes or identify trends, including relevant theory.” – Dena Taylor, Health Sciences Writing Centre

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Tips for Doing a Literature Review

  • There are tons of articles, books, academic journal and other sources. Use present textbooks for a bibliography. Ask your professor in your field in addressing your research question. Go to the library and ask the librarian to give you more reliable sources. Also, find key authors and publications.
  • The literature of many fields is colossal. You should focus more on recent dates of works. Use only scholarly papers, monographs and any other sources that are peer-reviewed. Be selective in checking works that address your research problem. The goal is to identify key and critical works that are relevant.
  • Take notes efficiently. Gathering lots of sources is what you mostly do when writing a literary review, and for sure you can’t remember everything. Take notes and make sure they are in a format. Take note of how relevant a work is and its date.

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Facts About the Literary Prizes

  • There are two people who declined the noble prize in literature.
  • Selma Lagerlof is the first woman to win a Noble Prize in literature. Hers was titled Jerusalem.
  • Jean-Paul Sartre was awarded the noble prize in literature but refused to take it.
  • There are over 109 noble prizes
  • June is the month where Noble laureates celebrate their birthday
  • Laureates are mostly 65 years old.

Most Coveted Literary Prizes

Most coveted literary prizes are:

  • Nobel Prize in Literature
  • Specsavers National Book Awards
  • Neustadt International Prize for Literature

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